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If you're not getting better at the guitar using these online guitar lesson sites, you may benefit from the personal insight and 1 on 1 attention a private guitar tutor can provide.

I'm not sure if it was COVID that gave video-based guitar tutors a boost, or if they existed earlier, but it is definitely a thing in 2024.

This is an interesting topic for me, since during my 25+ years teaching guitar, I went from teaching private students to creating

I dug deep into the new trend of online private guitar teachers, here are the sites that are worth your time and money.

GuitarTricksTrueFireYour Guitar AcademyFiverr
Sessions30-minute or 1-hour lessonsOne-time lessons and Ongoing lessons 45-minute or 1-hour lessonsDepends on the tutor
LiveYesNo, via asynchronous video messagingYesVaries
TutorsProfessional tutors with detailsProfessional tutors with detailsTrained tutors (details not readily available)Anyone can sign up as a tutor
PlatformZoomTrueFire website and appSkype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or MessengerDepends on the tutor
Pricing$40-$75 for 30 minutes; $70-$150 for 1 hour
Feedback video: free
Varies; common prices at $39 (single) and $99 (ongoing)45-minute lessons at $32 ($285 for 10 sessions); 1-hour lessons at $38 ($342 for 10)Varies; generally more affordable
VisitGuitarTricks >>TrueFire >>YGA >>Fiverr >>

Now let's have a look at them in more detail.

1. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has been around since 1997 and they’ve been pioneers in making some of the best online guitar lessons, as I discuss in detail here.

Guitartricks Blues Lessons 6

The one-on-one lessons from Guitar Tricks are done on Zoom, so you’ll be using a familiar platform anyway when connecting with your instructor.

There are currently six instructors available, each with a different pricing for a private lesson that can either be 30 minutes or an hour long. You can even get private lessons from Anders Mouridsen who has played with John Fogerty, Cam, Taylor Swift, and Pink, but as you can expect, his time comes with a high pricetag.

Thirty-minute lessons can range from $40 to $75, while 1-hour lessons have prices that range from $70 to $150.

I must admit, this pricing model is pricier compared to others, but you’re sure to get the full attention of a world-class instructor, giving you real-time feedback and advice on how to improve your playing.

TIP: GuitarTricks also has a Feedback feature, where you can pre-record yourself playing with any questions you have, and an instructor will reply with a video. Best of all, this is included in the price of a normal membership.


  • Curated lineup of instructors
  • Lessons are done on Zoom


  • Pricing options are limited to 30-minute and 1-hour lessons, so no bulk discounts
  • Some teachers are expensive

2. TrueFire

Before the internet, TrueFire was already publishing VHS & DVDs in 1991. Eventually, they became one of the first companies to make online guitar lessons.

Truefire Blues Guitar Lessons

They have a great lesson plan and a massive library of guitar tutorials and jam tracks which got even more massive with their recent merging with JamPlay. Here is an article I wrote on my opinion of TrueFire.

Aside from their self-paced online courses, they have the TrueFire Private Lesson, where you can get one-on-one online lessons from world-renowned guitarists and even Grammy Award-winning musicians.

There are two ways to learn:

  1. Individual Lesson (One-time payment): Get a one-on-one lesson from your chosen TrueFire educator. Each lesson can focus on a specific topic or technique. It includes video messaging, skill assessment, file attachments, and a discussion thread. 
  2. Ongoing Private Lessons (Monthly fee): Get unlimited one-on-one lessons with your TrueFire educator, plus access to all the content in their channel. It also comes with video messaging, skill assessment, file attachments, and a discussion thread where you can interact with other students.

However, it's important to note that TrueFire's private lessons are NOT live. They happen through video messaging, which may be a caveat for some but offers flexibility if you find scheduling a hassle.

It's still a private, one-on-one tutoring though. You ask questions, show your playing, and the teacher responds to you in a video.

As of this writing, there are 33 instructors available for these lessons.

What I like about TrueFire is that they make it easy for you to find the instructor that matches you through a filter where you can select your skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), instrument, and the style you prefer including classical guitar, acoustic, metal, rock, and many more!

Once you click on an instructor, you get an extensive look at their profile, including their biography, sample lessons, and reviews from their students.

There are different prices from the listed instructors, but most price their individual lessons at $39, and ongoing lessons at $99 per month.


  • Renowned guitar teachers
  • Choice between individual lessons or monthly subscription
  • Additional content from your tutor (Monthly fee)


  • Not truly live

3. Your Guitar Academy

Your Guitar Academy or YGA connects wannabe guitar players with their professional tutors, whether it’s online or face-to-face.

For their virtual lessons, they’re pretty flexible when it comes to the platform, as they allow learning to play through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and even Messenger. For me, this is a plus, especially for those who may only be using one of these platforms.

YGA’s lessons are also time-based:

  • 45-minute lessons: Priced at  £25 (about $32) each session or £225 (about $285) for a 10-week course comprised of 10 sessions.
  • 1-hour lessons: Priced at £30 (about $38) for each session or £270 (about $342) for a 10-week course.

One thing that I consider a drawback though is that you cannot look up their instructors right away, unlike with other platforms. You are matched with an available instructor.

But they offer a £10 trial lesson, so there is not much risk here.

Also, YGA assures enrollees that their guitar tutors are all fully trained to teach both acoustic guitar and electric guitar, no matter what your age or skill level is.


  • Flexible choice of video platform
  • Low prices
  • £10 trial lesson
  • 10-week course discount


  • Information on their teachers is not readily available
  • You don't know who your teacher will be

4. Fiverr

Unlike the other platforms in this list, Fiverr is not a dedicated guitar lessons website. Instead, it’s an online marketplace for freelance services that can be anything, really, including coding jobs, graphic design tasks, and voice-over gigs just to name a few.

You can also find numerous guitar teachers to choose from on Fiverr, who offer live video lessons.

Since it’s not really a guitar platform, these tutors do not undergo screening. Anyone can sign up and create a “gig” offering private guitar lessons.

Don’t worry though, the platform has safeguards to make sure you get you’re money’s worth.

  • For one, Fiverr serves as a mediator between the seller and the customer, and they’ll be holding your money for you throughout the transaction. If you have any disputes, you can reach out to the company directly and have them review your case.
  • What I also like about Fiverr is the transparency of transactions, since those who purchased a service can leave a review after. The seller does not have control over these reviews, so the more positive reviews a seller has, the more you’re sure to get a good quality service.
  • But I think the biggest reason why you might prefer Fiverr is the price. Guitar lessons being offered on the website are generally more affordable when compared to websites that have a curated selection of teachers.

Either way, I would probably record the 1st video lesson with the teacher in case it is bad, so it is easy to prove with a dispute.


  • Generally more affordable
  • Reviews offer insights on tutorsAdditional content from your tutor (Monthly fee)


  • Anyone can sign up and offer guitar lessons

What to Consider When Choosing Private Lessons Online

Still struggling to make your choice? Here is a list of tutoring companies by EduReviewer, and also a few factors you should consider when looking for suitable tutors online:

Guitar Teacher

Since you will get a hands-on learning experience from private guitar lessons, you’d want to choose a teacher whose personal and musical styles resonate with you.

You can look at their biography and their expertise. Some instructors may not only have an impressive background in performing with a guitar, but they also might have teaching experience at music schools.

Remember, personality and teaching style matter just as much as their technical expertise. Reviews from other students can give you insights into their performance when it comes to teaching and communicating with students.

Lessons and Add-Ons

There can be different approaches to private guitar lessons available online. While you can expect direct communication and learning from your guitar guru, some platforms also offer additional content to help you with your learning.

For example, enrolling for TrueFire’s ongoing private guitar lessons also allows you to access your instructor’s existing video tutorials on the platform.

I am a subscriber to TrueFire's normal lessons, as are a few friends. We've all improved our guitar skills by watching these tutorials, but they are best for intermediate-advanced students.

Price and Free Trials

Price is an important factor when looking for private guitar lessons available online, as they can be expensive compared to the self-paced online courses' pricing.

The pricing model is another thing to consider:

  • Some services offer lower prices if you avail of multiple sessions, which is a great choice if you’re committed to learning or honing your guitar skills.
  • If you have a lower budget though, you can compromise by looking up guitar teachers from freelance service platforms like Fiverr.

Free trials are not offered with private lessons, but I think that is understandable, since the teacher is giving you their time.

What I don’t recommend…

It’s important that you not only check the reviews of the guitar tutors available but also look up reviews about the platform.

One website that will usually pop up when you’re looking for private guitar lessons is Superprof. Much like Fiverr, they have a wide selection of guitar teachers to choose from, not only for guitar lessons but also for piano, singing, and even academic subjects.

My gripe with the platform though is that they’re notorious for misleading fees, as can be read here and here. I’ve also encountered numerous comments about their bad customer service.

If I were you, I’d just avoid this website and look elsewhere if you're trying to learn guitar.

Which guitar tutor will you choose?

After reading through the list above, you should now have an idea of where to start on your learning path. Whether you’re a total beginner or someone who’s looking to improve your guitar skills, these platforms are sure to help you learn to play guitar better.

So pick a platform, hire a tutor, and please come back here after your lesson to let us know how it all went.

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  1. Great article Tom, how would you compare these online lessons to traditional face-to-face sessions? Are they really as effective in the long run?

    1. No, I don’t think they are. If you’re going the private lesson route and paying serious money in the long run, it would be better to find a local teacher. That will be a personal relationship, the teacher can introduce you to other musicians who you could jam with, etc.
      I would recommend using these online private lessons if you have a specific topic you need help with, which will be a one-off thing. But not for the long run.

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