Once you feel comfortable with playing lead guitar and solos, try playing along with one of our Backing Tracks. Feel the beat, and improvise as you feel. You will find our backing tracks categorized based on genre. The key of a jam track will also be displayed when available.

The backing tracks to the song lessons will be on their respective lesson pages, not here. These are general backing tracks for jammin' whenever you get the urge 🙂


  1. Yeah you bet the comment above me here is spot on the money. I hope things continue to grow to your liking.

    Cheers and thanks again, Angus .

  2. This site was a great find. The more I use it the more valuable stuff I find on it. I started with the free beginners several weeks ago and now I can’t put my guitar down. I just found the jam tracks. I’ve been working on a couple songs and always returnto a specific lesson for reference. I do use another site that has more in depth discussion on music theory and guitar chord charts as well as tabs.

    Tom, you are greaat teacher, your personality and teaching fits my way of learning

    I hope you still read these comments so you can get the message of how helpful and fun your site has been iin reviving my guitar skills. I’m 73 and just bought a used Stratocaster, my first guitar since I was in college in the 70’S. Many thanks


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