One of the most famous guitar tutorial sites is Jamplay. After reading this JamPlay review, I decided to conduct a complete evaluation of the site, to determine the way in which guitar students can profit using their tutorials. About 2 hours into my Jamplay review, I was certainly pleased.

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The site is absolutely enormous. They have tons of lessons at all difficulty levels, addressing all styles. Jamplay also has several practical guitar tools, such as the online metronome, backing tracks, chord library, etc.

Browsing through the video lessons is also super easy, which is great since simply finding the thing you would like to learn from the thousands of tutorials they have could alternatively be a real pain.

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During my review of Jamplay, I was quite satisfied. The site gives video guitar lessons for a very affordable cost of $11 monthly (using annual membership), which is really a joke considering that a personal instructor charges approximately $35 by the hour.

In fact, it is safe to say that Jamplay provides multiple advantages over a private instructor. The teachers at Jamplay will respond to your letters personally, and so no loss there, but they also have thousands of video tutorials spanning just about all types of music.

Jamplay lesson structure

If you begin studying the guitar at Jamplay, you will proceed through Jamplay's 3 level learning process:

  1. Fundamental basic lessons for new guitarists
  2. Genre modules (for example jazz, rock and roll, pop, etc.)
  3. Learning how to play famous songs.

The awesome thing about Jamplay seemed to be the structure of the website. Even though you can find in excess of 80 instructors right now, the website structure permits you to move forward through the different lessons in a very straightforward, obvious way. Plenty of course instructors have classes on every genre, and that means you are able to select the people you enjoy.

The musical styles you'll be able to study at Jamplay:

Acoustic, Bluegrass, Blues, Fingerstyle, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Surf, Spanish classical, and many more.

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The things I really enjoyed about Jamplay:

  • 1000s of online video guitar lessons offered.
  • Very good search function, which means you can easily browse the 1000s of video lessons.
  • Training for every single level, from beginner to super advanced.
  • Affordable fees, helping you save thousands on personal guitar teacher service fees.
  • New courses released on a regular basis


  • A few of the instructors are not as good as others, you'll want to look for the teachers that you like the most.
  • You can't save the video tutorials onto your laptop for free (inclusive of the premium membership), as with GuitarTricks.

Is Jamplay good for beginners?

If you are a beginner guitarist looking for beginner lessons, Jamplay would not be my first pick.


They have several beginner courses taught by different teachers, but I feel that none of the courses are great. They are OK, but not great.

GuitarTricks' beginner-friendly Core Learning System is a better choice for newbies.

You can read more about GuitarTricks's beginner lessons here.

Jamplay Beginner

Is Jamplay good for intermediate and advanced guitar players?

Yes. If you are already familiar with the fundamentals of the guitar, you can be sure Jamplay will have courses that can help you advance.

Jamplay has loads of teachers, who all bring something different to the table. Learning via their experience and unique style is how intermediate and advanced players can get good results at Jamplay.

Here is an example lesson from the site:

Is Jamplay worth it?

Learning to play guitar with the aid of Jamplay can be a completely good alternative to working with a private guitar teacher. Jamplay offers a huge range of benefits, that a personal guitar tutor is not able to offer.

The cost difference is among the most significant advantages of learning by way of online lessons, simply because you will be charged a small fraction of what one would normally spend on a personal tutor.

If you are interested in signing up with the site, make sure you use this JamPlay coupon code when registering.

Also, you should know that the main competitor of JamPlay is a site called GuitarTricks. They are very similar, but here is an article on the differences between vs

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  1. Their “unconditional refund” is a sham, even if you cancel well within the 30 day period. I was sent a really aggressive email saying would not refund me when I requested one. The lessons are long and boring and you don’t remember what has been taught. This company make millions a year and yet they quibble over 12 dollars. Guitar tricks is so much better and run by nice people.

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