Once you've made the decision to start learning guitar, the first step will be to actually get one. At first sight, guitars have mysterious specifications and technical jargon that you won't be able to comprehend, so it can be a daunting process for a beginner who doesn't have a clue about anything guitar related.

To make things a bit simpler for you, here are some tips on buying the best first guitar.

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GuitarTricks.com is one of the leading online guitar lesson websites. It has been around since the beginning of the Internet.

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They offer thousands of video guitar lessons for an acceptable fee, but you can get the lessons for even less.

What type of discounts & coupons does GuitarTricks offer?

In January 2020, GuitarTricks.com offers 4 types of discounts. They are applied either by using a coupon code, or automatically activated based on the length of your membership or a special promo. You can save up to $96 by combining a discount code with a yearly membership.

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All TheGuitarLesson.com premium members are entitled to a 10% discount code upon purchasing Guitar Pro 7.

It's as simple as 1 and 2. When you become a TheGuitarLesson.com premium member, you'll not only have access to the best beginner guitar lessons on the net for the best price, you'll also be able to save 10% on buying the newly released Guitar Pro 7.

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Learning chord progressions will be one of the first things beginner guitarists will want to do, since once you learn some chords and strumming, you'll be able to make real music, good sounding music by playing chord progressions. Once you learn the underlying theory behind chords and scales, you'll be able to make up literally thousands of chord progressions on your own, so it really is a worthwhile investment of your time.

The Chord Wheel

The Chord Wheel

Strictly speaking, chord progressions are a series of musical chords that aim to establish a tonality founded on a key (chord progressions can be played in any key). All scales contain 7 musical notes, and finding the right chord progression in a given key is just a matter of calculating the chords on a given scale. You can also add additional notes to the chords while playing chord progressions, allowing for a virtually unlimited number of possible progressions.

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The Beatles were one of the most productive bands in history. They used many instruments, sometimes entire orchestras when composing their songs, but thankfully, many of their songs have really great guitar covers.


TheGuitarLesson.com offers several The Beatles guitar lessons, and as always, all of them include animated on-screen tabs and chord diagrams, which make following the tutorials easy as pie.

Have a look at our collection of guitar lessons covering The Beatles songs below:

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Learning how to tune your guitar, and keeping it in tune is one of the most important technical elements of playing the guitar.

If your guitar is not in tune, you simply won't be able to hit the notes you want, or play the songs you love, since it will all sound out of tune. Sort of like when an amateur singer performs at karaoke night 😉

No worries though, learning to tune your guitar is as easy as 1,2,3.

First of all, watch our video tutorial on how to tune a guitar, it will show you the basic technique with an electric tuner, and without one as well (if you want to tune by ear). To tune by ear, you'll need a reference note, for which you can use our online guitar tuner.

Once you learn guitar tuning, make sure you keep it in tune afterwards as well. Here are some helpful guitar tuning tips for you:

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Learning to play blues guitar is awesome, since it's one of the easiest genres to master on the guitar. Because of this, and the fact that playing the blues is fun and expressive, many beginner-intermediate guitarists choose to learn the blues. And yes, it is possible at an early stage already.

Blues Mastery

Blues Mastery

To start playing the blues, one of the most fundamental things you'll need to know is what a 12-bar blues progression actually is. This short blues guitar lesson will introduce you to the 12 bar blues form, the chords you'll need to play, and the order you'll be playing the chords in.

First off, let's have a look at the chords you'll play with a 12 bar blues progression. You may, or may not be familiar with the popular I-IV-V chord progression. This dictates the chords you'll be playing in any given key. The way it works the following.

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Playing at jam sessions is an important milestone in the life of all guitarists. Getting together with other like-minded people is great fun, fosters friendships, and will really advance your guitar skills.

After playing guitar for 20+ years, I've had my share of jams, good ones and bad ones.

There are a number of guitar skills you already need to be comfortable with in order to be able to play acoustic or electric guitar at jam sessions with other musicians, here they are in no particular order. Read more

Learning easy to play beginner guitar songs as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do to help you learn the guitar and advance your guitar skills. Why? Because when you start learning the guitar, you'll need to get your hands used to the specialties of playing. Your fingers need to get used to the strings, forming chords, and so on.

Start playing songs!

Start playing songs!

To get your hands used to the guitar, you'll need to practice a lot, but if you just do practice drills all the time, you'll quickly get bored of the guitar. I've seen this with lot of people, but it's logical actually. Most people pick up the guitar because they want to make real music, not just do drills up and down a scale for example.

This is where songs come in, and the earlier, the better.

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