Blues guitar is one of the most influential guitar genres, therefore the best blues guitarists had a significant impact and influence on our music today. Ever since the end of the 19th century when the African-American communities of the Southern US started playing and singing the blues, it has affected and shaped other musical genres as well, including Jazz and Rock and Roll. Blues can be split into several subgenres as well, best known perhaps are the Delta, Piedmont, Jump and Chicago blues styles.

Got the blues?

Got the blues?

As such, the best blues guitarists were shaping the music of tomorrow, without them knowing it. Music affects our mood, mindset, and everything about us, therefore these influential blues guitarists shaped society as well. Have you ever heard anybody saying, "I've got the blues"? 🙂

Here is a thorough, but by no means complete list of the best blues guitarists who helped shape and influence music. This is my own list, so if you have any additions, feel free to comment at the bottom of the post. While you read, play this to get you into the mood: 

And if you get the sudden urge to listen to some more blues, go ahead and check out my favorite blues albums:

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One of my online students just wrote me a letter, asking whether he needs to learn to read standard music notation, or is tablature enough.

...a few guys locally who are in the local music biz and they all tell me that guitar, or any other instrument for that matter, should only be taught with the standard music notation...

This is an interesting question that will probably be asked by most guitar students at one time or another, so I thought it would be worth sharing my answer here:

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When my students ask, I deliver 🙂

Here is the promised detailed analysis of Blues Guitar Blueprint by Nate Savage. Watch the video if you are thinking of learning to play blues guitar, since it'll show you basically every aspect of this DVD course. If you like it, remember that all students are entitled to a free shipping discount when purchasing the course.

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Time to talk about those "dreaded" barre (bar) chords again. Why? Because many beginner guitarists make the mistake of giving up on barre chords, since they are not that easy to learn. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could make, one that could ultimately lead to quitting the guitar altogether.

Learn those barre chords!

Learn those barre chords!

You see, barre chords are an integral part of playing the guitar. They are used in many genres, many songs, so giving up on them will mean leaving a huge hole in your knowledge, one that you won't be able to fill with any bypass technique. Unfortunately a lot of beginners quit the guitar when they realize this fact. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but thats just the way it is. Don't feel down though, since YOU CAN learn these chords, just like I did, just like BB King did, just like every guitarist who you've ever seen did.

Here is my best advice on how you can learn barre chords.

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Blues is one of the most important genres of music. It has shaped other styles, like jazz, rock, metal, even country.

Guitarists who know how to play blues guitar have a definite advantage over others.

So let's get to it.

Below I'll review the best blues guitar courses you'll find on the internet.

Once you learn to get all your strings ringing with the barre chords, the next step is being able to change to them smoothly (or as smooth as possible for a while, which will get better over time).

Learning to change to barre chords takes time

Learning to change to barre chords takes time

The trick here is to have your left hand always be able to form the exact barre shape in an instant. This means having your middle, ring, and pinky align correctly beside your first finger without even thinking about it. This "automatic alignment" is called muscle memory. There really aren't any shortcuts to it, the shape basically has to get programmed into your hand, so you can instinctively form the shape whenever you need to...

There are of course, better ways to practice it, to speed things up. I've found that the following works well with most people. Read more

This week's new lesson is on a very popular Rock n Roll song, Johnny B Goode. I remember the first time I heard this song was in Back to the Future, when Marty McFly played it on stage. The song stuck with me ever since, and it was probably one of the first fast paced I learned when I was a beginner 🙂

Johnny B Goode Guitar Lesson - Chuck Berry

Johnny B Goode guitar lesson

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This week's video guitar lesson is on the most popular single of the punk band The Offsrping, Pretty Fly For a White Guy. The song was a huge hit (reaching the top of the charts in many countries), thanks to the satiric nature of it's lyrics, and memorable music video.

Everybody knows this song, and now you have a chance to learn to play Pretty Fly For a White Guy on the guitar 🙂

Pretty Fly For a White Guy Guitar Lesson - The Offspring

Click to watch our video guitar lesson on Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Read more is an amazing guitar lesson website.

It boasts the largest number of lessons of any guitar lesson site, with loads of advanced lessons as well.

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I've written loads on learning blues guitar, but never really talked about how you can feel the blues 🙂

You've probably noticed that blues guitarists absolutely love their job. Their face says it all. I mean if you've ever been to a blues bar with real blues musicians, or have seen BB King when he hits the sweet spot on those bends, now thats really something. I will actually go as far as say that watching blues musicians perform is as great as the music they make.

And if you've been wondering what sort of facial expressions you'll want to learn to become a blues musician, have a look at Bruno Lucia demonstrate: