is an amazing guitar lesson website.

It boasts the largest number of lessons on any guitar lesson site, with loads of advanced lessons as well.


Does Truefire offer discounts?

Yes, I've found 2 ways to get a discount at to get either

  1. Free 14 day trial to Full Access and a 25% discount for 1 purchase.
  2. A 10% discount code you can use on anything at Truefire.

1. Free trial and 25% discount

This first method does not involve any promo codes. Here is how to get the discount:

Click this link to sign up with TrueFire

Once you create your account and log in, you'll get

  • 14 day free trial of Full Access, so you can watch any lesson on their site.
  • The 25% discount is applied automatically to your first purchase after registering a new account through the link above.
  • $10 TrueFire cash bonus.

The 25% coupon you receive will be good for your 1st purchase, so choose wisely.

You can use it on any item you purchase at, including:

  • the All Access Plan (which gives you access to all of the video lessons on the site)
  • Any physical shipment
  • In the Jam sessions
  • Jam packs

Though it is a 1-time usage coupon code, you can put multiple items into your cart to save on all of the items.

So, for example, if you want to buy the All-Access plan plus 2 In the Jam sessions, you'll save 25% on all of these.

Here is the link to the discount & free trial again, it's valid for April, 2024.

2. 30% promo code

If you've used your 25% one-time discount already, you can still save some money on future purchases by using this promo code:


No restrictions apply to this code, you can use it an unlimited number of times, and currently, there is no expiration date.

Click here to go to and use the coupon code.

Have fun!

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    1. Hi, you don’t get a code. The 25% discount is automatically applied on your first purchase after you register on their site.

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