Welcome to our growing library of free guitar chords. Browse the chords and download the respective guitar chord chart if you like. Remember, the more chords and voicings you're familiar with, the wider your playing field will become as well. It's also a good idea to learn chord construction, so you understand why you play the notes specified with each chord.

If you are not familiar with how to read chord charts, watch this video.

A Guitar Chords
Aadd9 chord
A Major Add 9
Aaug chord
A Augmented (+)
Ab5 chord
A Flat 5
Adim chord
A Diminished
Asus4 chord
A Suspended 4
A11 chord
A Add 11
A13 chord
A 13
A5 chord
A Power Chord
A6-9 chord
A Major 6 / 9
A6 chord
A 6
A7-aug-b9 chord
A Dominant 7 Augmented Flat 9
A7-aug chord
A Dominant 7 Augmented
A7 chord
A Dominant 7
A7-sharp-9 chord
A Dominant 7 Sharp 9
A7-sus4 chord
A Dominant 7 suspended 4
A7b5 chord
A Dominant 7 flat 5
A7b9 chord
A Dominant 7 flat 9
A9-aug chord
A 9 Augmented
A9 chord
A Dominant 9
A9-sharp-11 chord
A Dominant 9 Add Sharp 11
A9b5 chord
A Dominant 9 Flat 5
Am chord
A Minor
Am-maj7 chord
A Minor Major 7
Am11 chord
A Minor 11
Am6-9 chord
A Minor 6 / 9
Am6 chord
A Minor 6
Am7 chord
A Minor 7
Am7b5 chord
A Minor 7 Flat 5
Am9 chord
A Minor 9
Am9-maj7 chord
A Minor 9 Major 7
Amaj chord
A Major
Amaj7 chord
A Major 7
Amaj7b5 chord
A Major 7 Flat 5
Amaj9 chord
A Major 9
B Guitar Chords
Badd9 chord
B Major Add 9
Baug chord
B Augmented (+)
Bb5 chord
B Flat 5
Bdim chord
B Diminished
Bsus4 chord
B Suspended 4
B11 chord
B Add 11
B13 chord
B 13
B5 chord
B Power Chord
B6-9 chord
B Major 6 / 9
B6 chord
B 6
B7-aug-b9 chord
B Dominant 7 Augmented Flat 9
B7-aug chord
B Dominant 7 Augmented
B7 chord
B Dominant 7
B7-sharp-9 chord
B Dominant 7 Sharp 9
B7-sus4 chord
B Dominant 7 suspended 4
B7b5 chord
B Dominant 7 flat 5
B7b9 chord
B Dominant 7 flat 9
B9-aug chord
B 9 Augmented
B9 chord
B Dominant 9
B9-sharp-11 chord
B Dominant 9 Add Sharp 11
B9b5 chord
B Dominant 9 Flat 5
Bm chord
B Minor
Bm-maj7 chord
B Minor Major 7
Bm11 chord
B Minor 11
Bm6-9 chord
B Minor 6 / 9
Bm6 chord
B Minor 6
Bm7 chord
B Minor 7
Bm7b5 chord
B Minor 7 Flat 5
Bm9 chord
B Minor 9
Bm9-maj7 chord
B Minor 9 Major 7
Bmaj chord
B Major
Bmaj7 chord
B Major 7
Bmaj7b5 chord
B Major 7 Flat 5
Bmaj9 chord
B Major 9
C Guitar Chords
Cadd9 chord
C Major Add 9
Caug chord
C Augmented (+)
Cb5 chord
C Flat 5
Cdim chord
C Diminished
Csus4 chord
C Suspended 4
C11 chord
C Add 11
C13 chord
C 13
C5 chord
C Power Chord
C6-9 chord
C Major 6 / 9
C6 chord
C 6
C7-aug-b9 chord
C Dominant 7 Augmented Flat 9
C7-aug chord
C Dominant 7 Augmented
C7 chord
C Dominant 7
C7-sharp-9 chord
C Dominant 7 Sharp 9
C7-sus4 chord
C Dominant 7 suspended 4
C7b5 chord
C Dominant 7 flat 5
C7b9 chord
C Dominant 7 flat 9
C9-aug chord
C 9 Augmented
C9 chord
C Dominant 9
C9-sharp-11 chord
C Dominant 9 Add Sharp 11
C9b5 chord
C Dominant 9 Flat 5
Cm chord
C Minor
Cm-maj7 chord
C Minor Major 7
Cm11 chord
C Minor 11
Cm6-9 chord
C Minor 6 / 9
Cm6 chord
C Minor 6
Cm7 chord
C Minor 7
Cm7b5 chord
C Minor 7 Flat 5
Cm9 chord
C Minor 9
Cm9-maj7 chord
C Minor 9 Major 7
Cmaj chord
C Major
Cmaj7 chord
C Major 7
Cmaj7b5 chord
C Major 7 Flat 5
Cmaj9 chord
C Major 9
D Guitar Chords
Dadd9 chord
D Major Add 9
Daug chord
D Augmented (+)
Db5 chord
D Flat 5
Ddim chord
D Diminished
Dsus4 chord
D Suspended 4
D11 chord
D Add 11
D13 chord
D 13
D5 chord
D Power Chord
D6-9 chord
D Major 6 / 9
D6 chord
D 6
D7-aug-b9 chord
D Dominant 7 Augmented Flat 9
D7-aug chord
D Dominant 7 Augmented
D7 chord
D Dominant 7
D7-sharp-9 chord
D Dominant 7 Sharp 9
D7-sus4 chord
D Dominant 7 suspended 4
D7b5 chord
D Dominant 7 flat 5
D7b9 chord
D Dominant 7 flat 9
D9-aug chord
D 9 Augmented
D9 chord
D Dominant 9
D9-sharp-11 chord
D Dominant 9 Add Sharp 11
D9b5 chord
D Dominant 9 Flat 5
Dm chord
D Minor
Dm-maj7 chord
D Minor Major 7
Dm11 chord
D Minor 11
Dm6-9 chord
D Minor 6 / 9
Dm6 chord
D Minor 6
Dm7 chord
D Minor 7
Dm7b5 chord
D Minor 7 Flat 5
Dm9 chord
D Minor 9
Dm9-maj7 chord
D Minor 9 Major 7
Dmaj chord
D Major
Dmaj7 chord
D Major 7
Dmaj7b5 chord
D Major 7 Flat 5
Dmaj9 chord
D Major 9
E Guitar Chords
Eadd9 chord
E Major Add 9
Eaug chord
E Augmented (+)
Eb5 chord
E Flat 5
Edim chord
E Diminished
Esus4 chord
E Suspended 4
E11 chord
E Add 11
E13 chord
E 13
E5 chord
E Power Chord
E6-9 chord
E Major 6 / 9
E6 chord
E 6
E7-aug-b9 chord
E Dominant 7 Augmented Flat 9
E7-aug chord
E Dominant 7 Augmented
E7 chord
E Dominant 7
E7-sharp-9 chord
E Dominant 7 Sharp 9
E7-sus4 chord
E Dominant 7 suspended 4
E7b5 chord
E Dominant 7 flat 5
E7b9 chord
E Dominant 7 flat 9
E9-aug chord
E 9 Augmented
E9 chord
E Dominant 9
E9-sharp-11 chord
E Dominant 9 Add Sharp 11
E9b5 chord
E Dominant 9 Flat 5
Em chord
E Minor
Em-maj7 chord
E Minor Major 7
Em11 chord
E Minor 11
Em6-9 chord
E Minor 6 / 9
Em6 chord
E Minor 6
Em7 chord
E Minor 7
Em7b5 chord
E Minor 7 Flat 5
Em9 chord
E Minor 9
Em9-maj7 chord
E Minor 9 Major 7
Emaj chord
E Major
Emaj7 chord
E Major 7
Emaj7b5 chord
E Major 7 Flat 5
Emaj9 chord
E Major 9
F Guitar Chords
Fadd9 chord
F Major Add 9
Faug chord
F Augmented (+)
Fb5 chord
F Flat 5
Fdim chord
F Diminished
Fsus4 chord
F Suspended 4
F11 chord
F Add 11
F13 chord
F 13
F5 chord
F Power Chord
F6-9 chord
F Major 6 / 9
F6 chord
F 6
F7-aug-b9 chord
F Dominant 7 Augmented Flat 9
F7-aug chord
F Dominant 7 Augmented
F7 chord
F Dominant 7
F7-sharp-9 chord
F Dominant 7 Sharp 9
F7-sus4 chord
F Dominant 7 suspended 4
F7b5 chord
F Dominant 7 flat 5
F7b9 chord
F Dominant 7 flat 9
F9-aug chord
F 9 Augmented
F9 chord
F Dominant 9
F9-sharp-11 chord
F Dominant 9 Add Sharp 11
F9b5 chord
F Dominant 9 Flat 5
Fm chord
F Minor
Fm-maj7 chord
F Minor Major 7
Fm11 chord
F Minor 11
Fm6-9 chord
F Minor 6 / 9
Fm6 chord
F Minor 6
Fm7 chord
F Minor 7
Fm7b5 chord
F Minor 7 Flat 5
Fm9 chord
F Minor 9
Fm9-maj7 chord
F Minor 9 Major 7
Fmaj chord
F Major
Fmaj7 chord
F Major 7
Fmaj7b5 chord
F Major 7 Flat 5
Fmaj9 chord
F Major 9
G Guitar Chords
Gadd9 chord
G Major Add 9
Gaug chord
G Augmented (+)
Gb5 chord
G Flat 5
Gdim chord
G Diminished
Gsus4 chord
G Suspended 4
G11 chord
G Add 11
G13 chord
G 13
G5 chord
G Power Chord
G6-9 chord
G Major 6 / 9
G6 chord
G 6
G7-aug-b9 chord
G Dominant 7 Augmented Flat 9
G7-aug chord
G Dominant 7 Augmented
G7 chord
G Dominant 7
G7-sharp-9 chord
G Dominant 7 Sharp 9
G7-sus4 chord
G Dominant 7 suspended 4
G7b5 chord
G Dominant 7 flat 5
G7b9 chord
G Dominant 7 flat 9
G9-aug chord
G 9 Augmented
G9 chord
G Dominant 9
G9-sharp-11 chord
G Dominant 9 Add Sharp 11
G9b5 chord
G Dominant 9 Flat 5
Gm chord
G Minor
Gm-maj7 chord
G Minor Major 7
Gm11 chord
G Minor 11
Gm6-9 chord
G Minor 6 / 9
Gm6 chord
G Minor 6
Gm7 chord
G Minor 7
Gm7b5 chord
G Minor 7 Flat 5
Gm9 chord
G Minor 9
Gm9-maj7 chord
G Minor 9 Major 7
Gmaj chord
G Major
Gmaj7 chord
G Major 7
Gmaj7b5 chord
G Major 7 Flat 5
Gmaj9 chord
G Major 9

As you can see, there are over one thousand guitar chords and chord charts on this page, and there are many more chords that exist which are not even listed here. You do not need to learn every single chord by heart. Start using them in songs, learn the notes in each chord, and that's when you'll start having a deeper understanding of music theory.

How many chords should you learn? As much as you need to achieve your goals. Usually, the more you play, the more you'll want to learn. I usually recommend you start out with the beginner guitar chords, and work your way up from there.

The new database of chords is made up of the most popular beginner, and advanced chords you'll need. The database is split into 7 sections, representing the chords you'll play in the 7 notes (A, B, C, D, E, F, G). As always, I wanted to create something that has true value-added, something that my students will truly benefit from and won't find anywhere else.

Here are the little extras, that makes our library of guitar chords one of the best you'll find anywhere:

  • Chord intervals: For those of you learning chord theory, you'll have heard of how intervals of the major scale make up any given chord, meaning that you need to count your way up on the major scale, starting from the tonic, and find the notes you need for the particular chord, be it a major, a 13b5, or whatever. The chord library has the intervals of each chord type, helping you along the way.
  • Chord notes: As you know, chords are made up of notes. The notes are set by the intervals of the chord as per the major scale. The guitar chord library includes the notes you'll need to play with each chord. For example, check our the G major guitar chord. You'll notice that it requires the notes G - B - D. Also, check out the A minor chord. You'll see the notes you play with this chord as well, and the list goes on for every single chord in our collection of over 1,000 guitar chords.
  • Chord charts and fingerings: Naturally, a chord library would not be complete without illustrated chord diagrams, including the exact fingering for each chord.
  • Chord voicings: If you haven't been playing too long yet, you may not be familiar with chord voicings yet. Playing a chord in different voicings will mean playing the same notes that the chord requires, but at different places on the neck of the guitar. For example, check out the D major guitar chord, and you'll find 6 different ways to play the chord. You'll probably already be familiar with 2 of the shapes, but there are 4 more to choose from, if you want to get create.

I truly hope that our collection of guitar chords will be to the benefit of our students, regardless of whether they are at beginner or more advanced levels.

Also, feel free to download any of the guitar chord chart images as well, they are free to use and distribute.