If you want to learn to play the guitar, learning easy guitar songs is one of the best methods of advancing your guitar skills. The logic behind this fact is pretty simple and straight forward, yet many guitar teachers neglect it for some reasong. The dream of all beginner guitarists is to play songs. This is evident, it's why they start learning the instrument in the first place.

Rock on!

Rock on!

However, playing the songs you want will require that you be familiar with given guitar techniques, and have mastered them already. This is the harder part of the equation, but it's a fact. You can't rock out until you know how to. Of course, learning the techniques required to play the songs you like will mean you have to practice them beforehand. Unfortunately, you can't just pick up a guitar and be able to play it without months of practice.

This is the point where many beginners actually quit playing altogether. They get bored of all of the technique exercises, the chord shapes, etc. And this is the point where learning by playing easy guitar songs come into focus.

All beginner guitar lessons should concentrate on 2 things:

  1. Teaching basic guitar techniques effectively;
  2. Keeping the student motivated to practice as much as possible.

Learning beginner guitar songs right off the bat has the advantage of not only teaching the skills you'll need to play any song you want later on, but also the enormous plus of keeping you motivated while learning and advancing at a rapid pace. The reasoning is simple. Your typical exercises and routines will get boring after a while, since they aren't really musical in nature. Learning the guitar takes time and lots of practice, but regular exercises will be tedious and not motivate you to practice as much as possible.

However, learning to play the guitar through playing popular guitar songs will have you practicing every technique you would otherwise be practicing, as required to advance yourself as a guitarists, and also keep you motivated, since your practice sessions will be musical in nature. Learning popular guitar songs is hand down the best way to advance your guitar skills, and it is more than possible right from the beginning of your studies. By learning songs, you'll be mastering all the techniques that the pros use, and learn guitar chords, strumming, lead guitar techniques, and so on.

You can start playing songs on the guitar literally from day 1, as there are tons of very popular songs that are perfectly suitable for beginner guitarists. Here are just some of the video guitar lessons on songs you'll find on our website:

You'll be able to play harder songs as you progress and build your skills, and in no time at all, you'll be playing harder and harder tunes at will, which you'll find video tutorials to on our site as well (for example the Nothing Else Matters guitar lesson, and the Under the Bridge guitar lesson).

If you are just starting out on your guitar journey and looking to teach yourself how to play guitar, know that it takes practice and dedication, but learning by playing popular songs is the best way to keep yourself motivated to practice as much as possible. Try it for yourself!

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  1. Betty
    Betty says:

    I have read this and I have found that it is not very helpful at ALL! It may be helpful for someone who just wanted to have a laugh with the guitar but it is not as a lesson! I hope you have found my feedback useful! And by the way for beginners wanting to play songs with A D & E chords here a few songs: Wild Thing- The Troggs, Johnny B Goode, What I like about you- The Romantics! These all helped me when I was just starting! Thank you!


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