is constantly expanding it's list of lessons on popular songs. This time around, they are releasing a whole set of songs by The Rolling Stones.

If you are familiar with my site and my lessons, you will already know, that I truly believe learning the guitar is made so much easier through learning songs. This is what my site is all about, teaching beginner songs to beginner guitarists.

GuitarTricks has a lot of song lessons as well, even though I consider my lessons to be more suitable for beginners, thanks to the animated tablature. With the addition of their new Rolling Stones lessons, they are creating the most thorough catalog of Stones lessons I know.


The Rolling Stones was established in 1962. Wow, think about it... more than 50 years before this post was written. Their lead guitarist, Keith Richards (born in 1943), is considered to be one of the best guitarists of all time, and of course, one of the most controversial ones as well. He has lived a life of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, if you will.

The new songs being released by GuitarTricks are the following:

  • Satisfaction (beginner and advanced version)
  • Wild Horses (beginner and advanced version)
  • 19th Nervous Breakdown
  • Love in Vain
  • My Girl
  • Ain't Too Prod to Beg
  • Just My Imagination
  • Going to a Go-Go

These are all great songs, some of them are classic rock pieces all guitarists should know, especially Satisfaction. In fact, we have a lesson on Satisfaction as well, and also a tutorial on Paint It Black.

If you are not familiar with GuitarTricks yet, make sure you read my review on the site, and have a look at this video as well. It compares GuitarTricks to the other big lesson site, JamPlay. Both sites have their good and bad sites, you'll find out what they are in the video. I personally recommend GuitarTricks to beginners, and Jamplay to more advanced guitarists, but you'll see for yourself why.

This concludes this short post, I just wanted to bring your attention to the fact that GT is releasing new Rolling Stones tutorials, in case you love the Stones. Keep on rocking!

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