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There are a LOT of guitar lesson YouTube channels created by guitar players of various skill levels. Some of them are advanced players, some, well, not so much.

While I believe beginners should not learn guitar on YouTube since the barrage of lessons provide no clear direction to follow, intermediate and advanced guitarists can satisfy their quick-hit free guitar lesson needs nicely on the platform.

Here are the top YouTube guitar lesson channels I like and can recommend in 2023:


Andertons (UK)

This is actually a channel for an instrument store in the UK. Their videos are loads of fun to watch and learn from. The hosts are witty, play great guitar, and provide a lot of insight.

Andertons Music Co >>

Active Melody

Active Melody (US)

Brian, the host of the channel, publishes mostly intermediate-level blues lessons on his YouTube channel. He composes his own music and breaks things down in a logical way.

Active Melody Co >>

Cifra Club

Cifra Club (BR)

This channel publishes not only guitar lessons but drums and singing tutorials as well. It is in Portuguese, but the on-screen tabs let you play along seamlessly. Goes to show you that the language of music is universal.

Cifra club >>

Just Nick Music

Just Nick Music (US)

I love Nick's channel for the play-along videos. You can really tell that he has a lot of experience in playing with others. His videos aren't well lit, they're not shot with a $4000 camera, but they are still great to watch and learn from.

Just Nick Music >>

Guitar Zero Hero

GuitarZero2Hero (AU)

This channel concentrates on teaching songs in a simple way, so it's ideal for beginners. Dave, the host of the channel, breaks things down nicely and adds on-screen tabs to his video to make them easier to follow.

GuitarZero2Hero >>


Marty Music (US)

Marty Schwartz is one of the longest-running teachers on YT. He has a lot of videos on songs and various techniques. A lot of people follow him, in part because of his energetic, fun teaching style.

Marty Music >>

Paul Davids

Paul Davids (NL)

Paul David's channel is about everything guitar. His calm, laid-back style, combined with a cool sense of humor makes his videos fun to watch.

Paul Davids >>

Sean Daniels

Sean Daniels (US)

This is another fun channel that isn't strictly about guitar lessons. Sean Daniels has a great personality and his videos are probably more entertaining than they are educational. They don't look particularly good, they are not professionally edited, but they are still fun.

Sean Daniels >>

These were my favorite YouTubers that publish guitar lessons and other interesting guitar-related videos.

Here are some more channels, and if you know of other ones that are great, please leave them in a comment, I'll have a look. But please don't just spam and self-promote your own channel. Unless it is outstanding, that is.

Which YouTube guitar teacher is the best?

None of my selected teachers on the above guitar lesson YouTube channels can be called "the best".

Each has his own methodology and explains things differently. Some are better at acoustic guitar, some are better at blues, some are funnier, some are more interesting.

On YouTube, you don't need to be confined to any single guitar teacher. There are lots of YouTube channels worthy of following, so you'll never be short of things to learn.

Can beginners learn to play guitar on YouTube for free?

YouTube has millions of video tutorials, but beginners should not try to learn to play guitar solely through YouTube. The reason is that the lessons on YouTube are random, but learning anything from 0 requires direction and a set course of action.

It is understandable, that someone would want to learn the guitar through YouTube videos. After all, they are free, readily available, and some of them are very good.

But trying to start learning guitar solely on YouTube is a mistake. You can't learn anything by watching random videos. You need a set curriculum, a guide to follow.

Sign up for one of the top guitar courses instead. They provide lessons that build on each other, creating a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that will get you playing guitar quickly.

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One Comment

  1. It’s quite the task you’ve given yourself, narrowing it down to 8 youtube channels, and while I recognize some, there’s hardly any that I have found that good in your list.

    The only real one is Andertons but I’d class it as a review or advertising channel more than anything. I enjoy watching it but not for learning anything about actual playing.

    I suggest my criteria is profoundly different than that by which you used for this post.

    That makes sense as I would class myself a high intermediate to advanced with years of playing behind me as well as I’m making the choices solely for my benefit while your choices are for learners in general.

    I, therefore, don’t say you are wrong, but I thought I’d point out my favourites with the idea you may or readers may find them interesting to check out. I won’t be ranking them in any order, just a lot of favourites.

    Firstly, good old Claus at He’s absolutely passionate and dedicated to teaching although I’ve seen a degree of naysayers, but his content is very good, very useful to a wide range of learners and relevant. A definite gem.

    I’m a Patreon member for a few youtube tuition sites so I’ll group them here. It’s hard to pick a winner but I’d recommend any of them without hesitating. They are Ben Ellers, Late Night Lessons, and last week I signed up for Shreds 666 Metal channel, it’s not called that, obviously, but simply Shred.

    All three are great.

    Robert Baker is another great one with nice easy cool lessons on licks and techniques that always sound so good.

    Another one I’ve become more into these days would be Bernth channel, again very metal and shredding focused as is Elmo J Karjalainen’s, and that man can seriously play like few others.

    Brett Papa is great and provides a change from the heavy and fast, although he is capable of that too. He is like Stitch Method in being very wedded to the caged theory, which I really don’t have much time for, I had been playing many years before coming across it with 3nps and all the many scale positions taped for most scales, I never saw any great plus for me, beginners would find much of worth in mastering it I suspect.

    Max Guitar is a great channel as well as CSGuitars and the GOAT of YouTube guitar content which to me is That Pedal Show, it’s that good overall Dan had me literally convinced I was finally mature enough to buy a Tele…..thankfully while try out a Player Tele I came across a Tokai SG and went home with that 🙂

    There are a few of my favourites I really enjoy and rate. Some more for tuition others less obviously so. TPS is a gear channel, but I defy anyone to sit and watch Dan and Mick playing each episode and not learn something really cool and worthwhile from them after all, that is still an important way for any beginner to glean some insights that aren’t necessarily being taught.
    When I first started, I watched the live video on Zeppelin Song Remains the Same over and over multiple times daily just to try an absorb some of Jimmy Pages playing, and I learned things by myself for sure, which is a real boost at the start of your journey 🙂

    I hope you enjoy some of those I’ve mentioned, though there are countless others I probably will wish I mentioned once this is posted, many as good as the ones above.

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