is at it again, they're running a special promotion, where you not only save extra on an annual membership, but also get a box full of guitar goodies 🙂

guitartricks promo october 2013

GuitarTricks promo

If you're not familiar with GuitarTricks yet, have a read about them in our review.

Both current subscribers and non-subscribers are eligible for the discount to save $80 off the one year Full Access membership at GuitarTricks.

The promo is aimed at funding their new song license purchases, from bands like Pearl Jam, The Cars, Stone Temple Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Johnny Cash, Billy Joel and The Who.

So let's have a look at the box full of goodies quickly, you can read the details on the products here:

  • Snark tuner - A handy clip on tuner that is surprisingly accurate for it's low price tag, and it looks cools as well. GuitarTricks was smart to include this in their gift box.
  • Chromatic playing cards - These are music theory oriented cards, through which you can build your theoretical knowledge.
  • Rock tips - A new liquid which helps strengthen your calluses. I've never tried them, so I don't know how well they work.
  • Setting saver pen - A washable marker which you can use to remember your setting dial on your guitar or amp.
  • Guitar pick necklace
  • Guitar picks with the GuitarTricks logo
  • Rock and blues backing tracks - 30 minutes of rock, and 30 minutes of blues backing tracks
  • 3 theory ebooks: Guitar Intuition, Chord Theory Magic, Songwriters toolbox

This set of gifts is valued at $300 by GuitarTricks. Of course that's overhyped, it's not worth that much,but still, it's a nice set of guitar accessories to get for free.

As I've said a number of times, GuitarTricks is a great website where beginners, intermediate players, or even advanced guitarists can find quality video guitar lessons to help them advance their skills. GuitarTricks is one of the biggest online lesson sites, matched only by I prefer GuitarTricks though, as you can read in my comparison of GuitarTricks and JamPlay.

Click here to take advantage of this month's GuitarTricks promotion.

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