I just read a review of Blues Guitar Spotlight from the makers of Learn and Master Guitar, and decided to write a post about it since I know from experience that Legacy Systems (the makers of the courses) always brings out very high quality educational material. They just released a new DVD based lesson package called Blues Spotlight, which promises to teach beginner guitarists how to play the blues.

Be a Blues Man!
Be a Blues Man!

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There aren't too many blues guitar courses out there. I've had a look at some of them just to test the market, but can say that the majority won't deliver its promises. There were always holes in the material, sometimes the lessons were totally unstructured, meaning that they didn't build onto one another, which is obviously the worst way to learn.

Having taken a look at the lesson outline of the Blues Guitar Spotlight course, I'm pretty sure that it covers the elements which a beginner will need to really learn the blues. What are these elements exactly?

You see, the blues is mainly about improvisation and feeling your music. There are some technical elements which all blues players will need to know, but they're not overly difficult. The point of learning the blues genre is to get familiar with the music theory behind blues music, which will allow you to improvise freely to backing tracks. Trust me, it's not hard if you're already somewhat familiar with the guitar.

Learn and Master Blues Guitar Spotlight promises to teach the following:

  • Blues shuffles (fast and slow)
  • Blues in all keys
  • Blues guitar techniques (bends, pull-offs, palm muting, and slide playing)
  • Blues notes
  • Blues scales
  • Pentatonic scales
  • Blues chord progressions
  • Blues riffs
  • Ear training to be able to tell what techniques a song uses

To me, this seems like a thorough blues instructional course. It teaches not just the techniques and some riffs (as many other blues courses), but the underlying theory behind the genre as well. Again, don't be intimidated by the word "theory", since its not hard at all, but you will need to know it to freely improvise to the blues.

Blues course on DVD
New blues course on DVD

If you are thinking about learning the blues, and you're already somewhat familiar with the guitar, I can safely recommend that you have a look at this review of the Blues Spotlight Guitar course.

If you go for it, you will get a superb DVD course of exceptional quality, as all Learn and Master products, and if you don't like it, you'll get a full refund. Pretty straight forward if your fingers have been itching for some blues :-).

Blues Spotlight Video Example

Here is a short video from the course to give you a better idea of what you can expect:

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  1. I do hope to learn & master guitar blues. The genre of blues has been massively popular all over the world and playing this style of music on the guitar has become something that many people want to learn.

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