After years in the making, Arobas music, the creator of the Guitar Pro software, just issued a press release.

The lucky people attending NAMM on January 19-22 in Anaheim, California get to see the first public beta version of Guitar Pro 7. Here is the first video review of the brand spanking new Guitar Pro 7, it looks great!

Guitar Pro 7 expected release date

GP7 is currently in BETA testing. People could sign up for it on Arobas's Facebook page. This letter dated February 10, 2017, states instructions to the Beta testers.

The official release date is set for April 5, 2017.

Until now, the beta version has been private and limited to users selected by Arobas Music. NAMM was the first time the public got to see Guitar Pro 7.

Guitar Pro 7 new features


According to the press release, GP7 will have many new features:

  • Significantly enhanced editing features
  • The possibility of using tablature for any other instrument beside the guitar
  • New types of notation
  • Improved file importing and exporting (export to MP3, FLAC, OGG)
  • Redesigned graphical user interface with the ability to access to the software’s main features in one click.
  • Polyphonic tuner
  • Tablature for all tracks
  • New audio processing, with hundreds of instrumental sounds included. The sounds can be customized, and GP7 will render the sound


One of the most important changes that hit my eyes right away, is that it looks like Arobas is doing away with their realistic sound engine (RSE) introduced in GP6. It was a bit buggy and slow when a lot of tracks were added, so hopefully the new version will be better.

We will keep this page updated, as we learn more about GP7, stay tuned.

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  1. Herve
    Herve says:

    I have been testing GP7 for a few days. There are quite a few unresolved bugs in the new features: e.g., export to mp3 does not take Coda directions into consideration, export to gpx does not work at all etc. One good thing is that GP6 remains intact after the upgrade to GP7, so you can keep using it until they fix all the bugs. Advice is not to do any major development of scores in GP7 yet.

  2. Somtime Tomorrow
    Somtime Tomorrow says:

    @LinuxGuitar6User: Don’t set your hopes too high in regards to MuseScore replacing GuitarPro 6 … MuseScore has very limited support for guitar in general and its editing capability are dreadful, nowhere near of the power of Guitar Pro. So you think MuseScore will improve on that part ?!? Think again. MuseScore developers are notoriously inflexible and with zero interest in welcoming Guitar Pro former users. Do you think they weren’t asked time and time again in the past to implement Guitar Pro features ?!? They couldn’t care less.

  3. LinuxGuitar6User
    LinuxGuitar6User says:

    According to the Arobas blog, they will drop support for Linux, which is rather unfortunate.

    Those disappointed (like me) please take note that the free, cross-platform MuseScore composition and notation software by now has good guitar tablature functionality and can read all Guitar Pro files. Missing functionality will be added quickly with increasing numbers of Linux users driven away from Guitar Pro.

    The engraving functionality of MuseScore is already now way beyond the ability of GuitarPro.

  4. rockabilly
    rockabilly says:

    I’ve been using Huitar Pro since the 5th version. There were a lot of things wrong with GP5, and GP6 was an amazing advancement from there. Yeah, the RSE doesn’t sound too nice, but by the looks of it, Guitar Pro 7 is fixing that in a big way. Totally redesigned sound engine? Yes please!


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