Arobas Music, the makers of the great tool Guitar Pro 6 have released a Guitar Pro app for Apple devices. The Guitar Pro app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has most of the features of the original GP6 software, the only major thing missing is the music composing part of GP6, which is not a big deal in my opinion, since I wouldn't want to compose on an iPhone. The screen is too small and the functions would just be too complex.

Guitar Pro for iPhone does a great job of playing your already existing Guitar Pro files though, which is why most people get Guitar Pro in the first place. Oh, make sure you download your favorite tabs from our Guitar Pro tabs database, it's absolutely free.

So what else does the Guitar Pro iPhone version do?

The Guitar Pro app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It shares a lot of features with GP6, including the following:

  • The app supports all Guitar Pro tab versions, including .gp3, .gp4, .gp5 and .gpx extension GP files
  • You can load your tabs onto your device in a number of ways: through iTunes, over wifi, send via e-mail, or download from the web
  • Sharing is made easy, as you can send files via e-mail directly from the application
  • Once you have a lot of GP tabs on your iPhone, the inbuilt search and filter will become useful
  • As with the original software, Guitar Pro for apple devices supports notation in tablature, standard, and slash notation format
  • Multi-track playback, with great sounds, thanks to Guitar Pro's sound banks
  • Zooming of tabs
  • Virtual guitar and bass fretboard, as well as a virtual keyboard
  • Adjustable tempo, which is great for learning songs
  • Loop-playback of any chosen section
  • Transposing songs
  • Metronome and visual countdown, so you'll never need to download another metronome app again

Guitar Pro - Arobas MusicAll in all, Arobas has done a great job with the Guitar Pro app. If you're a guitarist on the go, you'll definitely be able to make good use of the app. The app is available through iTunes as of February 2011.

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