, one of the biggest guitar learning sites on the internet (even bigger than 😉 ) has totally revamped their rock guitar course on their website.

You may or may not know that the rock guitar course is part of the Core Learning System at GuitarTricks, which is their basic course to get beginner players to an intermediate level. The Core Learning system starts out from the very basics, and leads you into specializing in either blues, rock, or country on the electric guitar.

GuitarTricks has already updated all of the blues guitar lessons in the core learning system about 2 years ago, and now they did the same to their rock guitar lessons.

Contents of the Rock Guitar Course at GuitarTricks

The rock course is made up of 2 distinct phases, each with many-many lessons:

Rock course I.

  1. Rock Chords: Open, Barre, and Power
  2. Rock Rhythm: The Power of Rock
  3. Rock Soloing 101
  4. Riffs, Licks, and Themes
  5. Amps and Effects: Rock Your Tone
  6. Born From the Blues

Rock course II.

  1. Rockin' Chords
  2. Lead Secrets Revealed!
  3. More Rock Rhythm!
  4. More Advanced Rock Techniques
  5. Playing Like The Masters
  6. Putting it All Together

Each lesson chapter outlined above includes many sub-chapters, and each sub-chapter includes about 4-6 videos as well, so there is a lot of material. Thankfully, all of it is very well structured, and the main teacher throughout the course, Anders, keeps things as fun as possible.

Rock Course Promotion

To celebrate the newly remade course, GuitarTricks is holding a giveaway, jointly with Sweetwater.

If you sign up for a membership now, you have the chance to win an awesome guitar and an even better amp, so a complete guitar rig basically:

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - $665 value

A mahogany back and maple top will give you the classic Les Paul tone you're after. Dual humbucking pickups are ready for any gigging situation from ballads to full-on metal. You'll find the mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard extremely comfortable and toneful. Careful construction and attention to detail make this Les Paul Standard a true work horse.

Roland GA-112 X 12" - $1,300 value

Unlike typical modeling amps, the Roland GA-112 1 X 12" guitar combo amplifier is designed to let you create your own unique tube amplifier tones, rather than to call up the sound of classic vintage amp models. All of the GA-112's controls are straightforward, making it incredibly easy to dial in the perfect sound.

So all of this makes for a pretty sweet deal, and best of all, you can give GuitarTricks a free trial run and see if you like it, before paying anything. Give it a go!

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