Samba Pa Ti Guitar Lesson – Santana
Samba Pa Ti
Level: Level IILevel II
Samba Pa Ti is an all-time classic Santana masterpiece, which is actually not that difficult to play. Before you learn this song, check out Santana's very own explanation of what he was trying to express with this song. Our Samba Pa Ti guitar lesson will teach you how to play the main sections of the song, as well as...

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If you’ve heard Wyclef Jean singing ‘Viva Carlos Santana’ in this band’s ‘Maria Maria’ song, it’s because the Mexican-American songwriter and guitarist is his greatest influence.

Carlos Santana is the founder of the American Afro-rock band Santana, formed in San Francisco back in 1966. The members experimented with different styles, including jazz fusion, blues, Latin, and Afro Cuban, but rock was their primary genre, and Carlos was wicked when it came to the guitar. Just listen to Samba Pa Ti, and you’ll see. He plays with true soul and energy.

But even though he’s the face of the band, he never takes away the spotlight from others as members like Michael Carabello, David Brown, and Jose “Chepito” Areas. Listen to albums such as Moonflower (1977) and Supernatural (1999) for the band’s finest works.