Samba Pa Ti Guitar Lesson – Santana


Difficulty: Level IILevel II
Length: 17:17

Samba Pa Ti music videoArtist website
Samba Pa Ti music videoMusic video

With our guitar tutorial on Samba Pa Ti, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • hammer-ons
  • pull-offs
  • scales
  • slides
  • string bending
  • trills
  • unison bends

Samba Pa Ti is an all time classic Santana masterpiece, which is actually not that difficult to play. Before you learn this song, check out Santanas very own explanation on what he was trying to express with this song.

Our Samba Pa Ti guitar lesson will teach you how to play the main sections of the song, as well as give you an introduction to what scales you'll need to learn to be able to improvise to the remaining sections of the backing track. The tutorial starts out by teaching you the main riff of the song, which is followed by a sweet little turnaround lick, and continues on to teaching the second main riff.

You'll find that it is actually not that hard to play, but the song does involve lots of lead guitar techniques you may not be familiar with yet. But of course, practice makes perfect, so once you get your techniques down, you'll be playing this song pretty quickly.

After the second main riff, Santana starts improvising. The song is in the key of G major, and if you know the major scale, you'll be able to make up your own solos and play along with the backing track almost instantly. Alternatively, you could solo using the notes og the G major pentatonic scale as well, which is a bit easier.

Samba Pa Ti song details

Samba Pa Ti is Spanish, meaning "Samba For You". The song actually does not follow the normal rhytmic style of samba, it is more of a latin rock piece. It was originally released on Santana's Abraxas album back in 1970.

Even though the song was originally recorded more than 40 years ago, it is still a favorite song of millions till this day, which is why it was remastered and released in 1990, 1998, and in 2008 as well.

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Download tabs for Samba Pa Ti

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Download backing track for Samba Pa Ti

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