Wonderful Tonight Guitar Lesson – Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight
Level: Level I
Wonderful Tonight is, well, a wonderful song ;-) You will be able to learn it as an early beginner, even if you just picked up the guitar not long ago. In fact, this was one of the first songs I ever learned, I still remember playing the main riff to one of my friends just a few weeks after I got my first guitar.
Tears in Heaven Guitar Lesson – Eric Clapton
Tears in Heaven
Level: Level IIILevel IIILevel III
The song won 3 Grammy awards, and was at the top of the charts for several weeks. Tears in Heaven has a very tragic story though: Clapton’s 4 year old son fell out of the window of their New York City apartment, and the song is about the pain and loss Clapton feels following the tragic accident.
Hey Hey Guitar Lesson – Eric Clapton
Hey Hey
Level: Level IIILevel IIILevel III
Hey hey is a classic 12 bar blues song released by Eric Clapton on his 1992 Unplugged album. Hey Hey is an acoustic blues tune, but you can play it on the electric guitar as well. The song was originally recorded by Big Bill Broonzy, an American blues singer during the first half of the 20th century.

Learn Eric Clapton guitar songs

Eric Clapton is one of the best guitar players (#2 on Rolling Stones Magazine’s list of the best guitarists), and an icon to many. He has had a very eventful life, you can read all about it in his bio.

Eric Clapton Guitar Lessons

Clapton has been an active musician since 1962, so he’s got several decades of song writing behind him, shaping contemporary music as we know it. During this time, he’s stacked up hundreds of songs, dozens of which have become classic hits.

If you are a guitarist, you absolutely need to know a few Clapton songs. Now stop reading, grab your guitar, and learn some of them.

TheGuitarLesson.com has several guitar lessons teaching covers of Eric Clapton songs. Here they are in no particular order.