'Tis that time of the year again. Mistletoes, Christmas lights, and guitar lessons.


JamPlay Holiday Sale

Yes, the seasonal sale over at has begun. It is a bit more expensive than it was last year, by $10 to be exact. I guess inflation has hit JamPlay as well 🙂

No seriously, they have advanced heaps through the years, so a $10 bump in their holiday sale price is warranted.

If you've never heard of JamPlay before, than here is an overview of their site. It's basically one of the biggest guitar lesson websites on the Internet, providing:

  • beginner to advanced video lessons (over 5000 lessons at present, with 80 teachers)
  • interactive guitar learning tools
  • live streaming group lessons

Here is a video of them detailing the promotion:

And here is a link to their special holiday promo: Read more

Hohoho, Merry Christmas to all of you. JamPlay is celebrating the holiday season again by offering a nice discount to new guitar students, who sign up for an annual membership.


JamPlay Holiday Sale

They do this every year, so if you sign up now, and like the site, you'll probably be able to take advantage of the cheaper annual price next year during the holidays as well. Just make sure you practice all throughout the year, I know there are many people that subscribe for years, without going on the site once. What a shame.

So anyhoot, I just got a friendly letter from "Kevin" (whoever that may be) from JamPlay, and these are the terms of the sale:

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