With online video guitar lessons becoming a perfectly viable alternative to personal lessons, the cost of guitar lessons have significantly decreased for beginner guitarists. While personal guitar lessons cost between $30-$50 per 45 minute session, you can sign up on a number of high quality websites and receive online lessons for next to nothing.

Online or private lessons?

Online or private lessons?

The result is evident, huge savings for beginner guitarists. Lets take an example, where an absolute beginner starts taking weekly lessons, and does so for 5 months. At an average rate of $40 per session with a private guitar teacher, expenses add up very quickly. The accumulated price of these guitar lessons would be $800.

In contrast, you can get super high quality online lessons at a fraction of the cost. Be careful, as there are a lot of bogus sites out there charging money for really bad content, but the following sites offer top notch, high quality material:

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