Learning to play the guitar will be one of the best decisions you make in your life, and our free basic guitar lessons are here to help you get started. As with all good things in life, learning how to play the guitar takes perseverance, dedication and lots of practice. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to entertain yourself, your friends and family, causing yourself and your surroundings true joy. This sounds a bit tacky, but trust me, it is so very true.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

How should you get started? Learn the guitar online! Online guitar lessons are one of the most cost efficient, and flexible means to learning to play the guitar. Personal teachers cost upwards of $40 per hour, and lets say 2 lessons per week can really add up over time, and actually, the fact that online lessons come in video format nowadays, almost makes personal teachers obsolete.

If you are a complete beginner, sign up for a free membership at our website, and you'll get access to our high quality video guitar lessons tailored to meet the specific needs of absolute beginners.

What makes our basic guitar lessons unique?

  • Your guitar teacher, Tom Fontana designed the lessons with over 10 years of teaching experience, putting his best knowledge and experience each and every lesson.
  • Each one of our video guitar lesssons contains animated tablature right on the screen. You'll not only see Tom's hands move along the fretboard, but also easily see the exact tablature as he teaches you basic guitar techniques.
  • Our basic video tutorials focus on teaching you the fundamental skills you'll need to advance as a guitarist. You'll need to practice these techniques a lot, so feel free to views each lesson several times, until you get a hang of the many techniques Tom teaches you. So what will you be learning with our basic guitar lessons?
    • Firstly, you'll learn about the physical nature of the guitar itself, the fretboard, and the strings.
    • You'll start doing fretting and plucking exercises right away, which are very helpful in increasing the strength and coordination of your hand and fingers.
    • Next, you'll learn guitar chords for beginners, how to switch chords, how to strum the guitar and how to read guitar tabs.
    • Of course, keeping your guitar in tune is an important part of being a guitarist. You'll get a chance to learn to tune your guitar with an electric tuner, and also by ear, as well as a simple way to remember all of the notes on the fretboard.
    • You'll need to practice the above, and at that point, you can start playing simple songs already!
    • Afterwards, you'll also learn specific skills, such as fingerpicking, lead guitar techniques, and some easy to digest guitar theory as well. Don't worry, it's perfectly suitable for beginners.
  • After you become somewhat familiar with the basics, you can immediately start playing easy guitar songs, which is the absolute best way to practice and refine the techniques you learn during the basic lessons.
  • If you have any questions, Tom is always available to help via email.

Register today to get access to 10 Free Video Guitar Lessons!You guitar journey is just beginning, but we are confident that our basic guitar lessons will set you off on the right path. Our video tutorials will guide you along the way in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner, to get you playing the guitar as quickly as possible.

Learning the guitar takes time and effort, but once you get there, your life will be changed forever. So go ahead, get your guitar, create a free membership and start learning today!

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  1. jeff
    jeff says:

    I have been wanting to learn to play the guitar for years. My son gave me an electric guitar a few years ago so that is all I have. I am a product of the 70’s so I love all music from that era, especially heavy metal. In your opinion, is learning easier on an acoustical guitar, or does it matter. My only hesitation is that I ruptured the tendon on the middle finger on my left hand. I cannot make a fist. There is scar tissue on the last joint so I cannot bend the end of the finger. I have no pain as this happened some time ago but dont know if I can play the guitar with this. thnx

  2. M.W. Franklin
    M.W. Franklin says:

    Looks good, I am going for it and this time I will follow through and not give away my guitar as I have in the past. I am determined not to be discouraged and I will follow your instructions to the letter. Thank you.

    Mel franklin


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