Strumming – beginner guitar lesson #4


Difficulty: Level I
Length: 9:04

With our guitar tutorial on Strumming – beginner guitar lesson #4, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • chord changes
  • strumming patterns

The 4th guitar lesson for beginners will be a ground breaking lesson in your studies, since you'll be learning about strumming. Strumming your guitar is easy, if you learned the chords tought in the previous lesson you'll be able to play your first song! Knowledge of chords is one thing, and changing in between them fluently is another. This beginner guitar lesson will also build on the previous and teach you the correct technique of changing chords. It takes practice, but is more than worthwhile. The things you will learn in this lesson are:

  • how to strumm the guitar
  • how to change chords
  • introduction to chord progressions
  • your first strumming song!

This is a great, and really motivating lesson for most of my students, since its the first big step in playing the songs you want to learn. Strumming chords creates a rhythm, and this rhythm, along with the sound of the chord, defines the song itself. Practice your strumming skills and learn to change chords, watch the lesson many times, and than practice some more 🙂

After you practice strumming on your guitar, you could:

If you want to refine the skills you learned in Strumming – beginner guitar lesson #4, check out these lessons on songs by clicking these links:

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