Difficulty: Level I
Length: 11:11
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With our guitar tutorial on Guitar Chords – beginner, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • Chords

Welcome to our 2nd guitar lesson for beginner guitarists, where you will start learning how to hold guitar chords. This is the real starting point of making music on your guitar. The basic chords you learn in this lesson will enable you to play hundreds, if not thousands of songs on your guitar.

Of course, this will take practice. Remember that these chords may seem hard at first, but they'll become natural with time. Your fingers will flow to the correct strings at the correct frets instinctively, all it takes is 20 minutes of practice per day. After watching this free beginner guitar lesson, you'll:

  • have a basic understanding of chords
  • know the difference between major and minor chords
  • know many basic chords you can practice
  • develop your hand's strength and muscle memory

I'll teach you the basics of chords and the correct way of holding them, but it's up to you to practice them. Practice makes perfect, so practice these chords, and you'll see that they'll get easier and easier with each passing day.

A common problem beginners have is that their fingers mute the adjacent strings, so they think their fingers are too fat for the guitar. This is not true, it's just a technique thing, read about it here.

After practicing the new chords you've learned, you could:

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