"Do You Know the Most Effective, Proven Method of How You Can Learn to Play Guitar?"

Learning how to play the guitar is one of the best decisions you can make, regardless of your age, your wealth, or anything else. It will bring countless hours of fun not just to yourself, but your friends and family as well.

Everyone loves guitarists, trust me! People will sit in awe as you play their favorite songs, they will watch your hands move along the fretboard in amazement. It’s a GREAT feeling, which gets better and better as you become a better guitarist!

The Steps to Learning to Play the Guitar

No matter how you decide to start out learning the acoustic or electric guitar, make sure you follow a structured set of lessons that build onto each other. Don’t try learning from 50 different sources at the same time, since the information overload will actually set you back.

A well structured guitar learning course will follow the following stages:

  1. Learn the very basics first (how to hold the guitar and guitar pick, how to fret and pluck strings, tuning the guitar, etc.)
  2. Learn basic techniques (chords, strumming, lead guitar techniques, etc.)
  3. Practice everything by using the techniques to play real songs (learn strumming by practicing strumming songs, learn to change chords by practicing songs with lots of chords, etc.)

The last step is one of the most important ones, don’t take it lightly!

80% of beginners FAIL to learn the guitar, since they don’t practice enough. They are made to do boring exercise drills, get no enjoyment out of it, and just quit altogether.

Learning songs turns your practice time into useful, fun filled learning time. It won’t make things easier, but it WILL give you the added momentum and motivation you’ll need to keep on practicing.

And practice makes perfect my young apprentice, it is the only secret to learning to play guitar.

So, Where to Start?

At TheGuitarLesson.com, we strive to give beginners everything they need to be able to learn the guitar as quickly, and effectively as possible. As all good things in life, learning the guitar takes time and practice, but we can give you everything you need to reach your goal of playing the guitar.

Basic Beginner Video Lessons

We have put together 10 free basic video lessons on the fundamentals of playing the guitar. These basic guitar lessons will show you the basic techniques you’ll need to build on, and eventually use them to play like your favorite guitarists, be it Eric Clapton, Slash, BB King, or anyone else.

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Video Lessons on Popular Songs

Soon after starting to familiarize yourself with the basics of playing the guitar, you’ll be able to play real songs! And play them you will, thanks to our video guitar lessons on popular songs. And I do mean popular: Metallica, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Green Day, Bob Marley, Guns N Roses to name a few.

All of the video guitar lessons on our website contain animated tablature to make the lessons very easy to follow, and are shot with several cameras so you never miss a thing.

The Tools You Need

Once you start learning to play the guitar and start enjoying it, you will want to seek out more and more information on all aspects of the guitar. We’ve got you covered, with:

You can learn to play guitar! If I could do it, anyone can.

Animated tabs and chord diagrams on all video guitar lessons!Start today by registering for a free membership to TheGuitarLesson.com. If you really want to learn to play the guitar, just go get your guitar, register for our free video lessons, and start learning.

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