Throw your plectrum away for now, these fingerstyle guitar lessons are designed to have you practicing fingerpicking songs. The on-screen animated tabs in our video lessons are of great help if you want to learn fingerpicking, since you’ll see exactly which note you need to pluck in a timely manner, reducing the learning curve.

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Spanish Guitar Lesson – Flamenco, Malaguena
Level: Level IILevel II
Hey There Delilah Guitar Lesson – Plain White Ts
Hey There Delilah
Level: Level IILevel II
House of the Rising Sun Guitar Lesson – The Animals
House of the Rising Sun
Level: Level I
No Woman No Cry Guitar Lesson – Bob Marley
No Woman No Cry
Level: Level IILevel II
Blackbird Guitar Lesson – The Beatles
Level: Level IIILevel IIILevel III
Skills: ,
Let It Be Guitar Lesson – Beatles
Let It Be
Level: Level IILevel II

I hope you have fun with our beginner fingerpicking guitar lessons, and master the skills required to play the songs you want as quickly as possible. We put decades worth of expertise into the creation of our beginner guitar lessons, but ultimately, learning guitar fingerpicking will be your job. You’ll need to practice often, preferably every day to learn fingerstyle guitar.

The best way to learn fingerpicking is by continually repeating the given patterns, until you get them right. You thumb, index, middle and ring finger will need to develop a mind of their own, before you’ll actually become good at this skill. If you haven’t done so yet, learn beginner guitar chords and learn to arpeggiate them as well, since through playing arpeggios, you’ll be playing the strings of chords separately. Make sure you use all of your plucking hand fingers as well, not just one or two fingers. If you are a beginner, you won’t need to use your pinky, you can leave that finger for later stages.

Fingerpicking requires that you learn to move your fingers independently, which is something you don’t do in everyday life. Give yourself time and be patient, since learning to pluck the individual strings with separate fingers is not something you learn overnight. It requires a lot of practice and repetition. Make sure you watch our fingerpicking guitar lessons over several times, and that you print out the tabs and chord diagrams to every song you learn.