Here Comes the Sun Guitar Lesson – The Beatles
Here Comes the Sun
Level: Level IVLevel IVLevel IVLevel IV
Skills: ,
Here Comes The Sun will teach you every note of this wonderful acoustic fingerpicking song.This is the most difficult Beatles lesson we have on our website, suitable for intermediate players. It is originally played with a capo at fret 7, but you can learn it without a capo, and just try it with the capo later on.
Hey Jude Guitar Lesson – The Beatles
Hey Jude
Level: Level IILevel II
This song, written by Paul McCartney, will really improve your knowledge of bar chords, and bar chord fingering, both vital in advancing as a guitarist.Our video tutorial on Hey Jude is suitable for beginner-intermediate level players, however, beginners may find holding the bar chords and changing in between them somewhat challenging at first.
Twist and Shout Guitar Lesson – The Beatles
Twist and Shout
Level: Level I
Learning to play this popular song will advance your chord changing and strumming skills.This lesson is meant for beginner guitarists, as it will improve basic guitar skills, building the foundation for advancing quickly and easily.
Blackbird Guitar Lesson – The Beatles
Level: Level IIILevel IIILevel III
Skills: ,
Learning to play Blackbird will teach you intermediate level fingerpicking, chords, and using drones in your playing.You'll need to learn 2 picking patterns, as well as several chords to play this song, which beginner guitarists might find challenging at first.Don't be intimidated to learn this song though, since it sounds really-really good on acoustic guitar!
Let It Be Guitar Lesson – Beatles
Let It Be
Level: Level IILevel II
This one is is a very popular lesson on our site. It's perfect for beginner-intermediate players who are looking to learn fingerpicking by playing a great Beatles song.The original song utilized a whole orchestra, but we managed to delevop a pretty good cover of the song.

Learn Beatles Guitar Songs

The Beatles were one of the most productive bands in history. They used many instruments, sometimes entire orchestras when composing their songs.

Thankfully, many of their songs have really great guitar covers.

The Beatles Guitar Lessons

TheGuitarLesson.com offers several The Beatles guitar lessons, and as always, all of them include animated on-screen tabs and chord diagrams, which make following the tutorials easy as pie.

Have a look at our collection of guitar lessons covering The Beatles songs below: