Learning to play Nirvana songs is pretty much compulsory for anyone fiddling around with the guitar. They are fun to play, easy, very popular even today, and always have such a cool vibe to them.

I think that’s one of the main reasons Curt Cobain’s band made it big time, it’s because of the general vibe their songs sent out, not really the complicated lyrics or the super difficult guitar solos.

Polly Guitar Lesson – Nirvana
Level: Level IILevel II
Polly is a relatively straight forward, simple song (if you are already proficient with power chords that is). It is basically a repetitive rhythm guitar, with just a few power chord to learn. The point of learning this song is not really to develop your technical abilities, rather develop your rhythm and timing. Guitarists (including myself) are notoriously […]
About a Girl Guitar Lesson – Nirvana
About a Girl
Level: Level IILevel II
The MTV Unplugged version of About a Girl was one of my favorite songs back in my Nirvana era, and if you’re reading this, I’m sure you agree. It is a great combination of acoustic rock, pop, and grunge, all meshed together into a single genre, which sounds great on both acoustic and electric guitars. Our About a Girl […]
Smells Like Teen Spirit Guitar Lesson – Nirvana
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Level: Level IILevel II
Smells Like Teen Spirit is a great song popular across the globe, and learning it will give you a chance to improve several guitar skills. First of all you’ll learn that ever-famous intro riff, which is made up of power chords. You’ll learn the correct strumming technique, where you mute the string not with you palm, […]