Smoke on the Water Guitar Lesson – Deep Purple
Smoke on the Water
Level: Level I
The intro riff to Smoke on the Water is most likely one of the first riffs 90% of guitarists learn to play. If you are into the electric guitar and are a beginner, you’ll love this riff: it’s easy, quick, sounds great, and everyone will know it. It’s one of those riffs you can show off to people...

Learn Deep Purple Guitar Songs

Deep Purple is a classic rock band that has produced some of the most iconic guitar songs of all time.

Most guitar players know Deep Purple as the band that wrote “Smoke on the Water.” But there’s much more to this legendary group than just that one song. In fact, they have a long and rich history dating back to 1968. And while they may be best known for their hard rock hits, they’ve also written some amazing acoustic songs as well.

If you’re a guitar player looking to add some Deep Purple tunes to your repertoire, you’ve come to the right place.