Difficulty: Level IILevel II
Length: 11:37
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When I Come Around music videoMusic video
With our guitar tutorial on When I Come Around, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • Alternate tuning
  • Power chords
  • Strumming patterns

Green Day songs are great for learning rhythm guitar, as they typically have a couple of power chords in a given strumming pattern, followed by a short lead section. This is great for learning rock rhythm guitar!

Our guitar lesson on When I Come Around will teach you how to play the entire song, including all the chords and rhythmic strumming patterns.

Oh, and remember, I teach this song in standard tuning, but if you want to play along with the original song, you must tune all of your strings down by 1 semitone, but I talk more about this in the lesson.

If you want to refine the skills you learned in When I Come Around, check out these lessons on songs by clicking these links:
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