Difficulty: Level IVLevel IVLevel IVLevel IV
Length: 13:53
With our guitar tutorial on Touch Guitar & Tapping, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • Artificial harmonics
  • Diads
  • Finger tapping
  • Hammer-ons
  • Natural harmonics
  • Pull-offs

This lesson is held by a guest instructor, who will show you a fairly new technique of playing the guitar, touch guitar.

It is a combination of guitar tapping and playing both natural and artificial harmonics in a percussive manner. The traditional method of guitar tapping relies solely on fretted notes, while the touch guitar method takes it a step further by adding emphasis on harmonics.

You can achieve a really groovy sound by learning this aspect of playing the guitar, which you’ll be able to perform in its purity or integrate it into your normal style of playing. This actually is one of the biggest advantages of touch guitar for most people. You can really mix things up and give your own compositions a special extra twist, which will amaze your audience.

Since touch guitar relies on harmonics, it is best to play on electric, or electro-acoustic guitars with a small level of gain and a slight delay effect programmed into your effect pedal or amplifier.

Watching this lesson and learning how to play your guitar with this technique will really improve your hand coordination and understanding of music, and definitely take you, as an intermediate-advanced guitarist to a new level.

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