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Length: 10:00
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With our guitar tutorial on She Will Be Loved, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • Bosa Nova
  • Chord changes
  • Open chords

This guitar lesson will teach you how to play one of the first songs of the iconic band, Maroon 5. I really like the guitar part of this song, since, despite the fact that it is a soft rock song, it incorporates bosa nova, a genre of Brazilian music.

You’ll be using 4 chords in this song, but if you want to make it even better, try using different voicings of the chords, as I show you in the video. You can use any voicing of the given chord.

We’ll start the lesson by learning the guitar chords to She Will Be Loved. The song is in the key of Bm, and all of the chords will be in this key. We’ll be using the 7th chords, which adds a very cool, mellow touch to the chord progression. There will be 1 barre chord, but if you want, you can substitute it with a non-barre voicing. I’ll show you in the lesson.

Next, we’ll learn the fingerpicking parts of the song. There are 2 main parts, the intro, and the chorus, and they repeat throughout the song. Nice and simple.

You’ll use 2 chords in the intro, and apply a groovy bosa nova style picking pattern, where you’ll accent the backbeats with a slap on the guitar strings. This slap will return in the chorus as well, which is just slightly more complicated than the intro. It may seem a bit complicated, but it’s really not. I’ll walk you through it all in the video tutorial.

If you’re at an intermediate level, you’ll be playing this song in about an hour, it’s rather short. If you’re a beginner, the fingerstyle aspects might be a bit too much just yet but feel free to give it a try if you like. If it’s too difficult, have a look at some easier fingerstyle lessons from, and return to this one a few months later.

She Will Be Loved song details

She will be loved was released by Maroon 5 in 2004 on their debut album, Songs About Jane. She will be loved was the 3rd single from the album, noted for its popular music video.

She Will Be Loved charts and rankings

The song was an international hit, reaching the top of the charts in several countries around the world.

  • UK Singles: 4
  • US Billboard Hot 100: 5
  • US Adult Contemporary: 4
  • US Adult Top 40: 1
  • US Mainstream Top 40: 1
  • Australia (ARIA)[3] 1
  • Belgium: 1
  • Canada: 10
  • Ireland: 3
  • Israel: 1
  • Italy: 3

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