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With our guitar tutorial on Jingle Bell Rock, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • Chords
  • Double stops
  • String bending
  • Strumming patterns

Jingle Bell Rock is a great Christmas-time classic recorded by Bobby Helms in the 1950s. Its popularity hasn’t diminished ever since, you can hear it everywhere during the month of December. It’s a really nice, swingy Christmas song which always creates a really nice mood, so it’s a great song to learn on your guitar.

Our guitar lesson on Jingle Bell Rock will teach you how to play the entire song, starting from the intro, to the chords of the verse, bridge, and the outro.

We’ll start the lesson by learning how to play the intro to Jingle Bell Rock, which is originally played on electric guitar. You’ll find it somewhat challenging at first since you have to pluck 2 strings at the same time (double stop), but you’ll get it with enough practice, and it’ll really develop your plucking technique. The intro will also develop your fretting finger strength, speed, and coordination, so learn it well. It will take a while before you get it perfected, so be patient with yourself.

After learning the intro, we’ll start learning how to play the chords to Jingle Bell Rock, as well as the chord progressions for the verse, the bridge, and the outro. To make your practice sessions easier, make sure you download the tabs and have them handy. The chord progressions are a bit longer than usual and you’ll need to spend some time playing them before you get them memorized.

Now keep in mind that the original version of Jingle Bell Rock was recorded with a large band. The guitar cover you’re learning today does a superb job in recreating the song's mood and atmosphere, but to get the full sound of the song, you’ll have to get together with more people and include more instruments. The good part is that most musicians know how to play the song on their instruments respectively, so it won’t be hard getting Jingle Bell Rock going with other musicians.

Jingle Bell Rock song details

Jingle Bell Rock was recorded by Bobby Helms in 1957 and released only 2 days before Christmas. The single still hit #6 on the pop chart, and each time it’s re-released, it nears the top of the charts again and again. It is absolutely one of the most popular songs played during the holidays.

An absolute mass of artists also recorded Jingle Bell Rock, including Billy Idol, Chet Atkins, Kylie Minogue, Neil Diamond, etc.

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