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Length: 11:00
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With our guitar tutorial on It’s My Life, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • Power chords
  • Pull-offs
  • String bending
  • Vibrato

It’s My Life was an anthem of everyone when it was released, because all demographic groups could easily connect with what the song had to say. I still enjoy listening to this song to date, I hope you do too, and that you’ll enjoy playing it on guitar. Because that you will, and better yet, you’ll be playing it along with the original track in no time at all.

Our guitar lesson on It’s My Life will teach you how to play the entire song. Now if you listen to the original, you’ll notice that there is a piano and 2 guitars, but I think this cover is very well put together and gives back the general vibe of the song.

It’s My Life is fairly simple to learn, so you’ll advance through the video tutorial rather quickly. We’ll start out by learning the signature intro (which acts as the bridge as well by the way), after which we’ll learn the verse and chorus.

You’ll be strumming a couple of power chords during some parts of the song as well, as well as some inverted power chords. At the end of the lesson, you’ll learn a small solo bit, which involves lots of string bending, mimicking Richi Sambora’s talkbox.

As I said, It’s My Life is easy to learn on guitar. The point of learning a song like this is more to develop your sense of rhythm and timing. It’s a lot of fun to play as well, since it’s not a challenge from a technique point of view, even for beginners.

Ok, so you're all set to start learning It's My Life, and remember:

  1. Download the tabs
  2. Play the song along with the original track or the backing track
  3. Once you know it, play it to your friends and family 🙂
I wish you much success, see you in the lesson!

It's My Life song details

It’s My Life was written by Bon Jovi and released on the album Crush in 2000. It was also the first single of the album. The song had succeeded in reviving Bon Jovi and introduce the band to a younger fan base as well.

The song reached the top of the charts in many countries and was nominated for 2 Grammy awards. A slower acoustic version of the song was released 3 years later on their 2003 album This Left Feels Right and was also released as a single.

It's My Life awards and ranking

  • VH1 My Music Awards: Video of the Year
  • Grammy nominations: Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song
  • U.S. Billboard Hot 100: #33
  • U.S. Billboard Mainstream Top 40: #14
  • U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40: #11
  • UK Singles Chart: #3
  • European Hot 100 Singles: #1
  • Austrian Singles Chart: #1
  • Belgian (Flemish) Singles Chart: #1
  • Dutch Singles Chart: #1
  • German Singles Chart: #2
  • Italian FIMI Singles Chart: #1
  • Norwegian Singles Chart: #3
  • Swedish Singles Chart: #2
  • Swiss Singles Chart: #1

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Download tabs for It’s My Life

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