Chord Changing – beginner guitar lesson #3


Difficulty: Level I
Length: 8:11

With our guitar tutorial on Chord Changing – beginner guitar lesson #3, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • chord changes
  • open chords

The 3rd guitar lesson for beginners out of our series of 10 beginner guitar lessons concentrates on one thing: how to change chords. Every beginner guitarist struggles with this at first, even the pro guitarists you see on TV had a hard time with changing in between chords, trust me. As with all guitar skills, this takes practice as well. With time, you will strengthen your hands and develop their muscle memory, so they'll instinctively move to the chord you want to fret. I know this may seem impossible right now, but trust me, its not. Its an acquired skill, and anyone can learn it. This guitar lesson will cover:

  • how to change chords
  • developing muscle memory in your hands
  • the correct way of practicing chord changes

Practice your chord changes, as its a fundamental part of playing the guitar. This lesson will show you how, but it doesn't practice for you. Thats up to you! Watch the video many times, and more importantly, develop your muscle memory. You'll see that with time, these chord changes will come naturally.

After practicing your chord changes, you could:

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Download backing track for Chord Changing – beginner guitar lesson #3

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8 replies
  1. Chrys
    Chrys says:

    Hey Tom, I’m loving these video lessons!

    I had a quick question – in all the written material it says “G-C-D” chord progression but on the video it’s shown as G-D-C – which one should I be practicing? Or both? 🙂

    • Tom -
      Tom - says:

      Hi there, thanks, I’m glad you like it 🙂
      Both the G C D and G D C are valid chord progressions in the key of G. In this lesson, we practice the G D C, and that’s what it says in the downloadable file as well. Or which written material are you referring to?

  2. mwfoster
    mwfoster says:

    Is it okay if I play the D minor chord using my pinky instead of my 3rd finger. It helps me play the chord more clearly without all the buzzing, but I don’t want to practice that way if it will hurt me in the long run in terms or chord transitioning

    • Tom -
      Tom - says:

      Hi there, no, the proper way is with your ring finger. Later on, your pinky will be doing other things, so you’ll need it free. This is a common problem though, so don’t worry about it. Just practice it the correct way, and it’ll become natural soon enough.

  3. MaliciousMoanna
    MaliciousMoanna says:

    Wow dude, you’re really helpful. I love how you keep motivating us. It’s really cool. I haven’t felt so positive about learning to play guitar in a long time. Thanks so much XD

    • Tom -
      Tom - says:

      Hi, if your kindle fire has a web browser, it should play the videos. If it doesn’t, can you tell me exactly what happens when you try?


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