Banana Pancakes Guitar Lesson – Jack Johnson


Difficulty: Level IIILevel IIILevel III
Length: 17:43

Banana Pancakes music videoArtist website
Banana Pancakes music videoMusic video

With our guitar tutorial on Banana Pancakes, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • Barre chords
  • chops
  • ghost strum
  • strumming techniques

Banana Pancakes is a very cool, mellow acoustic piece that’s you’ll love playing, and if you (or someone you know) can sing along to it, than that will make it even better.

„In Between Dreams”, the album this song was released on, reached the top of the chartsin a number of countries and rightfully became multi platinum selling over 4 million copies. This is probably due to the fact that Jack Johnson just writes songs that, well, simply feel good. He has a cool relaxed voice which goes great with how he plays his acoustic guitar.

Banana Pancakes is not one of the easiest songs you’ll be learning. Not because it is technically difficult, but because it utilizes barre chords throughout the song, which will get your fretting hand tired very quickly, if you’re not that used to doing barre chords yet. Nevertheless, learning this song is very beneficial, as it’ll really give your hand a workout, and take your barre chord forming skills to new levels.

Our Banana Pancakes guitar lesson will start you off by learning the intro to the song, which has a couple slides, as well as some barre chords already. After you learn the intro, you’ll learn the verse, chorus, and 2 bridge sections, so you’ll basically learn the entire song.

While learning to play Banana Pancakes, you’ll also get a chance to practice your strumming skills, and probably add a couple of new strumming techniques to your arsenal. Jack Johnson uses a couple of special techniques which you’ll learn in detail, but remember to improvise strumming wise, so just feel free to make up strumming patterns of your own as well. Remember! If it sounds good, it is good.

Banana Pancakes will probably take you several weeks to learn even if you are at an advanced-beginner to intermediate level, so don’t stress about it. Practice whenever you can, advance at your own pace, and you’ll get it sooner than later.

Banana Pancakes song details

Banana Pancakes was released by Jack Johnson on his album In Between Dreams in 2005. It’s an interesting fact that the album was recorded in Hawaii, and the tree that can be seen on the CD cover is actually a Mango Tree.

Banana Pancakes chart rankings (2005)

  • U.S. Billboard 200: #2
  • Top Internet Albums: #2
  • Australian ARIA Albums Chart: #1
  • UK Albums Chart: #1
  • German Albums Chart:#7
  • Top Canadian Albums: #3

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