Amazing Grace Guitar Lesson


Difficulty: Level I
Length: 13:43

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With our guitar tutorial on Amazing Grace, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • chord changes
  • chords
  • strumming patterns

Amazing Grace is without a doubt the most famous folk hymn, performed all around the world. Our Amazing Grace guitar lesson video will teach you how to play the song on guitar in the key of G.

Why the key of G? Because it allows us to use basic open chords throughout the song, making this tutorial perfectly suitable for beginner guitarists.

We’ll start out by reviewing the chords to Amazing Grace. The song is basically a I-IV-V song, and since we’re in the key of G, the song will be centered around the G, C and D chords. We’ll also learn a few variations to these chords, just to spice things up.

Once we know the chords, I’ll show you 3 separate strumming patterns you could use if you’re providing instrumental backing to a singer, or if you plan on singing the song yourself. In this case, you’ll just be strumming the chords from the chord progression you’ll find in the downloadable tablature.

In the final section of the video tutorial, we’ll learn a very nice guitar solo version of Amazing Grace, which integrates the melody line into the chord progression. This is what I demonstrate in the beginning of the video. It looks tough, but it’s really simple, trust me. If you’ve been playing guitar for a few months, or more precisely, if you’ve been practicing regularly for a few months, you should be able to tackle this song.

If you’re a beginner, learning to play Amazing Grace will really improve and advance many guitar skills you’ll need to advance as a guitarist. And if you’re more experience, you’ll get to learn a really fun version of the song.

Amazing Grace song details

Amazing Grace is a Christian hymn published in 1779, written by John Newton. It is one of the most popular Christian songs in the English speaking world.

The original hymn books did not contain any music. In 1835, composer William Walker joined the words of Amazing Grace with the melody of another song called New Britain. This is how the musical version of Amazing Grace was born.

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Download tabs for Amazing Grace

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Download backing track for Amazing Grace

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  1. sandy
    sandy says:

    Hi Tom,
    This is one of my favorite hymns. When I click on the tab and jamtrack pdf file for this song I get a page error. Would love to have tab

    • Tom Fontana -
      Tom Fontana - says:

      Sorry about that Sandy, I didn’t upload the tablature file by mistake. It’s up now, you can view/download it as usual.


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