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Difficulty: Level IILevel II
Length: 9:47

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With our guitar tutorial on All of Me, you will learn these guitar skills:
  • arpeggios
  • chords
  • strumming patterns

All of Me by John Legend was one of the most successful songs of 2014, and it’s pretty easy to play. We’ll learn all of the parts to the song, so it’ll be really fun to play along with the original, or even sing along to it if you’re a singer.

In our guitar lesson on All of Me, we’ll learn the whole shebang, including the intro, prechorus, chorus, and verse. It sounds like a lot, but this is actually a short lesson, because the song is pretty easy. It uses all open chords, which makes it suitable for beginner guitarists as well.

The song was written for piano, but since it is very simple, we can play a semi authentic sounding guitar cover. We’ll need a capo at fret 1 to match the key of the original, which is Ab major. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll be teaching the song without a capo though, so all the chords are in the key of G. If you were using the capo, you would use these exact chord shapes, but sound-wise, their pitch would be 1 semitone higher.

We’ll start the tutorial with learning the intro of All of Me. It consists of 4 chords, and you don’t actually play all of the strings of each chord. I’ll show you how to play it in the video.

By the way, the intro chords are used during the verse as well.

Next, we’ll learn the prechorus, which consists of 3 chords. I’ll teach you a nice arpeggio you can use here. It’s a bit faster than usual, so you might need to practice it a bit to get all of the notes sounding clearly, even after changing chords.

Afterwards, I’ll teach you the chorus, which uses many of the chords we’ve learned, and a few new ones as well. Nothing difficult though. I would recommend strumming this section of the song to make it a bit more dynamic, and also to add a few embellishments to the chords.

As I mentioned, All of Me is a pretty simple song, and it’s easy to play along with the original once you got the different sections down. Make sure you do so, since playing with “backing track” really helps develop your rhythm skills.

All of Me song details

All of Me was recorded by John Legend on the album Love in the Future, which was released in 2013. The song is dedicated to the artist’s wife, Chrissy Teigen. The song became John Legend’s biggest hit to date, and it was the second best-selling song of 2014 in the United States with 4.67 million copies sold for the year.

The music video for the song was shot in Italy, and it features the artist and his wife (fiancé at the time) just days before their wedding. The music video actually includes some footage from their wedding ceremony as well.

All of Me charts and rankings

The song was a huge hit worldwide, reaching the top of the charts in many countries, including:

  • US Billboard 100
  • Ireland IRMA
  • Slovenia SloTop50
  • Sweden
  • Australia ARIA
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Canada

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