Give Me One Reason Guitar Lesson – Tracy Chapman
Give Me One Reason
Level: Level IILevel II
Give Me One Reason is a really cool 12 bar blues song played in the key of F#. It is 12 bar blues in its purest form, which makes it all the better to listen to and learn on your guitar. And of course, if you can sing along with it, all the better! Our video guitar lesson...

Tracy Chapman is a famous singer/songwriter known for her soulful and raspy voice. She has recorded several studio and live albums as well.

Chapman started playing the guitar when she was 16 and has an impressive guitar style. She has wicked guitar skills, often one of the best highlights of her songs.

Her guitar sound is very characteristic and easily recognizable. But in fact, Tracy’s guitar sound is very simple. She uses a thin-sounding guitar and a slightly overdriven amp. The secret of her sound is in the way she plays her guitar.