Can’t Stop Guitar Lesson – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Can’t Stop
Level: Level IIILevel IIILevel III
Can’t Stop is one of my favorite songs from RHCP. It sums up everything I love about the band, from the energetic rap-style lyrics to the grungy electric guitar, and even some reggae-style strumming to spice things up. The song is played in 4/4 time in the key of E minor and G major and is made up of several...
Californication Guitar Lesson – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Level: Level IIILevel IIILevel III
This electric guitar lesson teaching Californication is a huge lesson teaching basically every guitar skill imaginable, so learning it well will really be worth your while since it develops techniques you’ll be using all throughout your life as a guitarist. You’ll be learning a bunch of chords, which should already take a bit of time for...

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Formed in 1983, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are a funk rock band from California. The guitar playing of John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis has been a major component of their sound over the years.

Frusciante is known for his innovative guitar solos and unique style, which often incorporates synthesizers and effects pedals. Kiedis is also known for his distinctive vocal style, which combines punk rock shouting with hip hop rapping.

While their early albums were marked by heavy metal influences, the band eventually developed a more funk-based sound.