Hi Everyone,

In my continuous effort to make the streaming of our video guitar lessons as fast as possible and retain the quality of the videos at the same time, we have once again re-encoded all of our lessons.

Blazing Streaming Speed

Blazing Streaming Speed

This time around, instead of using .flv (flash video) format, we've encoded to the newer mpeg4 format. The result is equal video quality, at half the file size 🙂 This literally means that each lessons will stream at double the speed as before, which is great news to all of our students who have slower connection speeds. Just in case anyone was wondering, we use a program called Handbrake to encode our lessons. We've tried many-many very expensive encoders, so it is very ironic that the best encoder is free...

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We are happy to announce that we've installed new encoder software onto our streaming servers, resulting in 40-50% lower file sizes, therefore half the streaming time required for videos.
This upgrade is especially useful for our students with a slower Internet connection who experienced interruptions and lags while watching the videos.