I have been working on a very exciting project for the last month, and it will soon be time to unveil the result of our work. But not just yet 🙂 I just want to let everyone know, that an aspiring new fashion designer has approached us to get us involved in designing her new collection of guitar related T-shirts!

Nice shirt ;-)

Nice shirt 😉

And no, I will not become a supermodel, I'm just advising her on guitar related things, and giving my opinion on her designs. After giving it some thought, I decided that designing wearable T-shirts for guitar players is a great idea, and jumped into it. I love the guitar and basically anything guitar related, but I just haven't ever seen any guitar related clothing that I would actually wear.

Why has the fashion industry left guitarists with the same old black based rock shirts for decades? This topic eludes me completely, especially since the number of worldwide guitarists is absolutely massive, and growing each day. But oh well, this fashion blunder will soon be mended, I guarantee that.

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