How to Change to Barre Chords

Once you learn to get all your strings ringing with the barre chords, the next step is being able to change to them smoothly (or as smooth as possible for a while, which will get better over time).

Learning to change to barre chords takes time

Learning to change to barre chords takes time

The trick here is to have your left hand always be able to form the exact barre shape in an instant. This means having your middle, ring, and pinky align correctly beside your first finger without even thinking about it. This "automatic alignment" is called muscle memory. There really aren't any shortcuts to it, the shape basically has to get programmed into your hand, so you can instinctively form the shape whenever you need to...

There are of course, better ways to practice it, to speed things up. I've found that the following works well with most people. Read more