Learning how to play an instrument is one of the greatest things that you can do in life. Research has revealed that musicians tend to be more extroverted, get better results in school, and tend to be more open to the world. The acoustic/electric guitar is a very popular instrument, for this reason lots of people choose to learn to play the guitar, rather than the piano for example.



Learning to be a guitar player without the help of a live instructor is very possible these days. Back when I learned, we had mainly publications and tapes to learn through. The Internet has actually revolutionized musical instruction, making it easy to learn guitar.

Nowadays, if you decide you want to learn to play electric or acoustic guitar the acoustic or electric guitar (or anything else for that matter), what do you do? Google it! You'll find an overwhelming amount of information, articles, videos and learn guitar products. In actual fact, you will find so much, it can turn out to be a burden, as you may find yourself moving from one resource to another without staying with one system persistently.

Teaching yourself how to play the acoustic or electic guitar takes time and effort, but the outcome will certainly be more than worthwhile. First off, be sure you find a high quality, highly regarded website to learn the guitar from. I have seen several websites, which I will not name in this post, who attempt to get amateur guitar players to believe that they can turn into a guitar god over a weekend. However, this is not achievable for a number of reasons, but you'll discover for yourself when you begin playing.

Recommended Steps to Learning Guitar

Here is the shortened lesson plan I utilize with just about all of my beginner students:

  1. Understand basic guitar techniques
  2. Practice through playing songs implementing those techniques
  3. After that I teach my students how to play chords
  4. Practice chords by playing songs
  5. Advance to a different guitar technique
  6. Refine the new techniques by using them in songs

In a nutshell, I've found that rigorous practice routines kill all motivation a guitar student possesses. On the other hand, practicing any given technique in the framework of a song, a song which is famous and can cause the student pleasure when playing, will motive the student to practice the technique. And as we know, practice enough, and you will be able to do it soon. This method of mastering the guitar is effective, no question about it. I hope you are now able to see the basis of this way of learning the guitar. You CAN learn to play the guitar by yourself, it really is simpler than ever before over the web.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Really appreciate for this training TIPS. In young age every one is interested in playing rocking musical instruments like guitar, drums or piano.

  2. Robert
    Robert says:

    Musicians are not inherently extroverted. In fact, playing an instrument is a way that introverts may more easily express themselves without requiring the social skills or flamboyancy that extroverts tend to possess.

  3. Olivia Makinson
    Olivia Makinson says:

    I liked the steps your laid out. I just wish you would have linked to the studies that prove some of the facts that you state, such as that musicians are more extroverted and that more people choose to play guitar over piano.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!


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