What is the one thing all guitarists play regardless of genre, style, or type of guitar? You guessed it, they're guitar chords.

That is why we developed our new Guitar Chords Widget for WordPress!

The widget is a great addition to all guitar-related WordPress websites since it has the ability to display 1,438 guitar chords in an instant, based on 3 parameters set by the website visitor. The parameters are:

  1. Key of the chord
  2. Type of chord (major, minor, sus4, etc., altogether 34 types)
  3. Voicing (6 voicings supported, which is more than enough for players of all levels)

Have a look at the Guitar Chord Widget for WordPress in action on the sidebar of this page. The widget not only shows the chord chart, and exact fingering, but also the notes needed to form the given chord. So if you have a guitar-related website, your users will be happy you have it installed.

The widget is easy to install, simply copy it into your plugin folder, activate it in the Plugins area of your WordPress admin panel, and place it into your sidebar in your Widgets panel. Easy as 1, 2, 3, no need to complicate things 🙂

1. Upload and activate

Guitar Chord Widget Installation Step 1

2. Place into the sidebar

Guitar Chord Widget Installation Step 2

3. Enjoy!

Guitar Chord Widget Installation Step 3

Chord Widget Installation

The Guitar Chords Widget for WordPress is free to use under GPLv2. If you like it and install it, please support us by linking to our site, or simply write a short article about the widget on your blog.

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