Blues guitar is one of the most influential guitar genres, therefore the best blues guitarists had a significant impact and influence on our music today. Ever since the end of the 19th century when the African-American communities of the Southern US started playing and singing the blues, it has affected and shaped other musical genres as well, including Jazz and Rock and Roll. Blues can be split into several subgenres as well, the best known perhaps are the Delta, Piedmont, Jump, and Chicago blues styles.

Got the blues?

Got the blues?

As such, the best blues guitarists were shaping the music of tomorrow, without them knowing it. Music affects our mood, mindset, and everything about us, therefore these influential blues guitarists shaped society as well. Have you ever heard anybody saying, "I've got the blues"? 🙂

Here is a thorough, but by no means a complete list of the best blues guitarists who helped shape and influence music. This is my own list, so if you have any additions, feel free to comment at the bottom of the post. While you read, play this to get you into the mood: 

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