Hohoho, Merry Christmas to all of you. JamPlay is celebrating the holiday season again by offering a nice discount to new guitar students, who sign up for an annual membership.

JamPlay Holiday Sale

They do this every year, so if you sign up now, and like the site, you'll probably be able to take advantage of the cheaper annual price next year during the holidays as well. Just make sure you practice all throughout the year, I know there are many people that subscribe for years, without going on the site once. What a shame.

So anyhoot, I just got a friendly letter from "Kevin" (whoever that may be) from JamPlay, and these are the terms of the sale:

  • Product: 1 year membership
  • Price: just $99.95 (usually $139.95)
  • Offer valid: December 20, 2013 up through January 5, 2014

It's a pretty good deal, since the monthly fee comes out to be $8.33. That won't even get you a burger + fries at a decent hamburger joint, let alone a month of non-stop guitar lessons 🙂

If you ask me, that's a really good deal. You'll know from my review of JamPlay.com, that they offer really good lessons suitable for all levels and styles of play. They have every type of lesson you can imagine:

  • Beginner courses
  • Genre based courses
  • Artist style courses
  • Song lessons

Of course, their big rival GuitarTricks is probably going to come out with a nice Christmas offer as well. Right now, I believe they are offering a free acoustic guitar to anyone who purchases the yearly membership. It's not a really great guitar, but hey, at free, you can't beat the price 😉 But I'll keep you posted on when they do come out with a Christmas special.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, check out the video comparison between JamPlay and GuitarTricks I just made if you haven't seen it yet, it turned out pretty well if I say so myself.

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