I just got a letter from GuitarTricks, one of the big online guitar lesson websites, and you might find it interesting.

They are holding a rather large sale, termed "End of Summer Sale", where they are offering their 1 year membership for $99, instead of the regular $129. This equals a $30 savings, which means that the GuitarTricks monthly membership equals to $8.25. They still have the 60 day money back guarantee, so if you decide the site isn't for you, you can get your money back.

The sale ends September 20, 2012. So if today is later than that, sorry, you missed out, it happens.

Huge End of Summer sale, start learning guitar during fall for cheap at GuitarTricks!

If you are not familiar with GuitarTricks, have a look at this review, and you might also want to take a look at GuitarTricks's main competitor, Jamplay.

So this is a pretty good deal, probably the lowest they can go. While JamPlay is gaining momentum, GuitarTricks is still a great site, especially since the lessons and guitar tools (metronome, tuner) are downloadable. At the moment, that's their biggest advantage over Jamplay.

If you've been thinking about joining GuitarTricks, now is a great time due to the summer sale. Lot's of people sort of neglect the guitar during the summer, I'm sure you know what I mean 😉

The weather's nice, you've got your vacation coming up, beach time, barbecues, so getting enough practice time during the summer can be a bit challenging. For most people, it's much more straight forward to learn when the weather isn't as good, when you'd be inside anyways. You'll really be able to advance your skills regardless of your level of knowledge, so with the Autumn months coming, it's time to start learning to play guitar once again 🙂

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