Today I'll take a small detour, and talk a bit about how a new band website theme can change the future of you and your band.

A key factor in becoming successful in music nowadays is using the Internet wisely. And by wisely, I mean creating a definitive online presence, since more and more people “live” on the Internet (smart phones, iPads, Facebook & Twitter accounts, etc.).



Everyone is getting connected, that’s why all major stars have their own Twitter and Facebook account as well (eg. Eminem, Lady Gaga, Linkin Part, etc.).

And at the center of your online presence has to be your band’s website, which is at the top of your online pyramid. Your band needs a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and all the rest as well, but your main website is where it all starts, where your fans can come and check you out, where you’ll get gig requests, etc.

Now creating a nice webpage for your band used to be expensive, but not anymore.

MyBandTheme WordPress Band Template

I want to let you know that there is a new and very cool WordPress band website template, which allows you to create an amazing website for your band in about 15 minutes, without the need to hire programmers or designers (saving you hundreds of $$$).

The template is called MyBandTheme, and it has some really impressive functions:

  • Start selling music on your site instantly
  • Manage concerts and gigs easily
  • Discography with streaming music, so people can listen to your songs on your site
  • Social network integrated, so people can share your stuff on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • 17 different layout variations for all musical genres

And a bunch of other special website features for bands that you should really check out.

Band Website Template - MyBandTheme

Band Website Template - MyBandTheme

Ever since the start of, I’ve received dozens of letters from guitarists who play in bands, asking me where I play, and whether I can give some advice on how they can get more gigs, sell their music, etc.

I’ve played in a couple of bands in the past, but now I just help local bands get started. And trust me, a well designed band website, which communicates your image and music, where you can funnel your fans, present interesting info about yourself and your gigs, and actually engage your audience is really a founding pillar in creating a name for yourself and your music.

If you are at least partly serious about your band, than have a look at your bands present website. A good look!

Is it everything you ever wanted it to be? If so, than great. But if not, you might want to give this band website theme a shot. It will give you the opportunity to have a world class music site at a ridiculous price of $35.

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