Today I'll take a small detour, and talk a bit about how a new band website theme can change the future of you and your band.

A key factor in becoming successful in music nowadays is using the Internet wisely. And by wisely, I mean creating a definitive online presence, since more and more people “live” on the Internet (smart phones, iPads, Facebook & Twitter accounts, etc.).



Everyone is getting connected, that’s why all major stars have their own Twitter and Facebook account as well (eg. Eminem, Lady Gaga, Linkin Part, etc.).

And at the center of your online presence has to be your band’s website, which is at the top of your online pyramid. Your band needs a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and all the rest as well, but your main website is where it all starts, where your fans can come and check you out, where you’ll get gig requests, etc.
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