5 Most Played Lessons of February, 2014

As I do every month, today I will share with which guitar lessons were the most popular in the month of February. Why do I think this is important enough to write about?

Because I'm hoping that seeing what other people are learning and enjoying will hopefully give everyone else a motivational boost, and start practicing more.

top 5 guitar song lessons

The month of February is an interesting one, the boost of new players from Christmas and January starts to die off a bit. I've seen this trend for years, and know that it is industry wide.

Lots of people get a guitar for Christmas, or make it their new year's pledge to learn guitar, but not many actually continue learning for more than a few weeks. If you think about it, this is part of human nature actually. How many times have you set out to do something, learn something, but than backed off because of various circumstances?

It's the same with the guitar unfortunately, but I'm here to make sure that you, my dear Padawan, will continue learning for decades to come!

So in that spirit, lets have a look at what your peers have been learning last month

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5 Most Popular Lessons of January, 2014

Wow, it seems like I just wrote the last Top 5 Lessons post, and here we are again, 1 month later. The first month of the year has passed, which is a time when lots of people start learning guitar, since lots of people get guitar for Christmas.

top 5 guitar song lessons

Also, I'm pretty sure that loads of ex-guitar players make it their New Year's resolution to pick up the guitar again, and that lasts for a few months as well.

So basically I'm expecting to see lots of the basic guitar lesson videos in this month's top 5 list, the duo of the Christmas guitar craze and the New Year's resolutions usually has this effect.

Let's just have a look at the most popular guitar lessons of January, 2014, shall we?

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5 Most Viewed Lessons of December, 2013

Happy New Year everybody! I can't believe another year has flown by, and this is the first post of 2014. Keeping good traditions going into the new year as well, I'll continue publishing the top 5 guitar lessons of the site, just so you know what other's are learning, and maybe draw some inspiration from it to practice even more in 2014.

top 5 guitar song lessons

December is historically a very interesting month for the guitar industry, since it's Christmas time, and LOTS of people get guitars for Christmas. It's a really great present for sure, and naturally, people who get guitars start searching for ways to learn it. Some will end up seeing private teachers, but other's will learn online from sites such as, JamPlay, GuitarTricks, and so on.

Of course, the top 5 lessons of December will only slightly reflect the increased viewership, but it's coming, and will make January a very interesting month. Actually, the first few months of the year carry on the Christmas guitar craze, but I won't get ahead of myself, we'll see what happens in the following months.

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5 Most Popular Song Tutorials of October, 2013

Oh how time flies, it's the end of October, which means it's time to have a look at what the most popular guitar lessons were during the month. This should be an interesting month, since it was a school month, without any back-to-school things going on (like in September)

top 5 guitar song lessons

Back-to-school makes the lives of everyone somewhat irregular, children and parents alike, but October is a "clean" month, with everyone practicing the guitar as much as possible. Right?!

Yes, thanks for the nod. Actually, my family and I were on vacation for most of the month, so I was probably the one that got the least practice out of all of us. It's interesting that after we got back, I was a bit rusty for about a week, but as you might guess, I practiced more and it all came back 🙂

So that's enough storytelling, let's have a look at the most popular guitar lessons of October.

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5 Most Popular Tutorials in September, 2013

It's time to have a look at the most popular guitar lessons on for the month of September, 2013. This should be an interesting month, since it's the first non-summer month, but still a bit skewed by back to school preparations and activities.

top 5 guitar song lessons

During the summer, most people don't really practice as much as they should, since they are preoccupied by vacations, summer outdoor activities, festivals, so that sort of stuff. It's a shame though, since during the summer, you generally have a bit more free time, but ah well.

Back to school activities during the first half of September makes the month a little irregular as well, since both parents, both schoolgoers, who would otherwise practice, don't do so because they are preoccupied with everything that starting the school year requires.

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