If you prefer playing the electric guitar and are comfortable with the basics from our beginner guitar lessons, you'll be glad to know that we have several solo guitar lessons on our website, each one giving you step-by-step guidance on learning the most popular riffs and solos. As you know, our video tutorials contain animated tabs, which makes them very easy to follow, especially for beginners learning the electric guitar.

Be Like Slash!

Be Like Slash!

The main advantage of learning lead guitar with our solo video lessons is that we concentrate on teaching you through making you play real music, not just single exercises. Through learning to play popular riffs and licks, you'll be advancing your lead guitar skills as well. This combination of practicing through playing songs will mean that your practice sessions will remain exciting, you'll actually want to practice as much as you can, since you'll be making great music. This is the biggest advantage of learning songs, you'll stay motivated and really want to play as much as you can, due to the fact that you'll be playing the solos you've been listening to for years.

We have several guitar lessons on popular songs which use awesome guitar solos for you to learn. Here are the top 3 watched lessons on guitar solos we have at, check them out:

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